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URISA's GISCorps volunteers solve problems across the globe.
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Since 1963, URISA has been a forum for the exchange
of ideas which has facilitated the advancement of the GIS profession.
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Professional Development

URISA provides ample opportunities for GIS professional development,
which is vital to your career advancement.
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Local Network

URISA Chapters provide a local network of individuals to connect with
and share ideas and also opportunities to contribute. Get involved with your
local URISA Chapter today.

Fostering Excellence in GIS - URISA is an independent, not-for-profit 501c(3) organization established in 1966. We strive to provide exceptional educational experiences, a vibrant and connected community, and the essential resources you need to be successful in your career. URISA is a multidisciplinary association where professionals from all parts of the spatial data community come together to share concerns and ideas. Join today!

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URISA conferences, events, and publications offer insight from industry experts and an opportunity to share your ideas and receive critical feedback. Attending events or reading a publication will open avenues for networking and career growth.




The URISA experience is all about connections and cultivating your professional network. You’ll connect with experienced managers and the thought leaders in the field, young professionals and students. Get involved withURISA Chapters to connect locally. Your URISA Network will quickly become your support system for ideas, solutions and encouragement.


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