Each year, URISA recognizes members for their contributions to the association and the community at large.  URISA also recognizes Government agencies that have demonstrated extraordinary achievements in the use of geospatial information technology that have improved the delivery and quality of government services (Exemplary Systems in Government Awards) and the URISA GIS Hall of Fame recognizes and honors esteemed leaders of the geospatial community. Each award is summarized below and includes a link to the awards history.

The URISA GIS Hall of Fame


The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association has established the GIS Hall of Fame to recognize and honor the most esteemed leaders of the geospatial community. To be considered for the GIS Hall of Fame, an individual’s or an organization’s record of contribution to the advancement of the industry demonstrates creative thinking and actions, vision and innovation, inspiring leadership, perseverance, and community mindedness. In addition, nominees must serve as a role model for those who follow. URISA Hall of Fame Laureates are individuals or organizations whose pioneering work has moved the geospatial industry in a better, stronger direction.

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Hall of Fame nominations are due by May 1. Click on the link above for nomination instructions.

Exemplary Systems in Government ™Awards

The EXEMPLARY SYSTEMS IN GOVERNMENT AWARDS, inaugurated in 1980 by the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, recognize extraordinary achievement by government agencies in the use of automated information systems. This achievement is defined as the effective application of computer technology that can be measured in terms of improved government services and increased benefits to citizens. The award competition is open to all public agencies at the federal, state/provincial, regional and local levels. 

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ESIG Awards submissions are due by June 1. Click link above for details.

Horwood Distinguished Service Award

2015 Recipient: Hilary Perkins

An occasional award given for long-term service to URISA and the profession. This award is URISA’s ultimate award for service and leadership to URISA and within the geospatial industry. Awardees will have demonstrated significant contributions to both URISA and the geospatial technologies industry. The Horwood Distinguished Service Award is named after founding member and first URISA President, Edgar Horwood. Horwood was an early pioneer in the field of information systems for local government and admired by all for his intellectual and organizational contributions to URISA. Horwood was the Chair of the constitutional drafting committee, giving URISA the "open membership" model that has led to our inter-disciplinary organization.

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Nominate an individual for a 2016 Horwood Distinguished Service Award by May 1 via this form.

Leadership Award

2015 Recipients: Bruce Joffe and Kim McDonough

Presented to members who have demonstrated exemplary leadership to URISA, creativity, innovation, and dedicated support of URISA programs. The recipient should be a member of URISA for enough years to show a pattern of leadership. Typically the recipient will have been responsible for new programs or activities, or significantly enhanced an existing activity or program, so that it takes URISA in a new direction and/or enhances our standing in the professional community.

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Nominate an individual for a 2016 URISA Leadership Award by May 1 via this form.

Service Award

2015 Recipient: Keri Brennan

Presented to members who have demonstrated faithful service to URISA and participation in its program over a period of several years. This award is for specific service to URISA. It should require a significant number of years of (not necessarily consecutive) service in a number of programs or committees, and a willingness to take on challenges without regard to the potential for recognition.

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Nominate an individual for a 2016 URISA Service Award by May 1 via this form.

Barbara Hirsch Special Service Award

2015 Recipients: Core Documents Committee - Kevin Mickey, Dianne Haley, Glenn O'Grady and Ed Wells

Presented to members or staff who have made special contributions to URISA. This award was created (in 2004) to honor URISA’s former Chief Financial Officer, Barbara Hirsch. Barb made her mark at URISA by being an exceptional professional who would always step forward when a point needed to be made, but never stepped to the front for recognition. It is in the spirit of this dedication that the Board of Directors has created an award for special service to URISA. This award will be given to individuals or committees who have shown a similar consummate level of service to URISA through an ongoing commitment to our success as an organization.

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Nominate an individual for a 2016 Barbara Hirsch Special Service Award by May 1 via this form.

Outstanding Chapter Award

2015 Recipient: Georgia URISA Chapter

Each year, URISA recognizes an outstanding Chapter that has sponsored particularly effective activities or has otherwise excelled in serving its membership. Outstanding Chapter Award criteria include:

  • Innovation 
  • Outreach 
  • Education 
  • Community Impact 

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Each year, chapters may apply for consideration as the Outstanding URISA Chapter. Nominations are coordinated by the URISA Chapter Advisory Board.

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