Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2017 Election Results Announced

URISA Board of Directors 2017-2018

URISA  is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors – unpaid volunteers who are elected by the URISA membership to serve three-year terms. In addition, the chair of the Chapter Advisory Board participates as a non-voting member of the Board. Elections take place each summer and board terms begin at the close of the GIS-Pro annual conference.

The Board communicates regularly via email and holds a monthly conference call to conduct business. The Board meets in person during one or two weekends each year in addition to meetings before and after the GIS-Pro annual conference. 

Executive Committee:


Teresa Townsend, AICP
Planning Communities
Raleigh, North Carolina

Board Liaison to Vanguard Cabinet

(Board Term 2017-2019)


Kim McDonough, GISP
Tennessee Department of Transportation
Nashville, Tennessee

Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
Board Liaison to GIS Management Institute

(Board Term 2018-2020)

Immediate Past-President:

Tripp Corbin, GISP 
eGIS Associates, Inc 
Dacula, Georgia
Board Liaison to Chapter Advisory Board

(Board Term 2016-2018)



Stephen Berry, GISP 
Clark County Consortium for GIS
Winchester, Kentucky

Strategic Planning Committee, 
Finance Committee
Board Liaison to GISCorps

(Board Term 2016-2018)


Bryan Townsend, GISP 
GIS Manager
York County
York, SC

(Board Term 2018-2020)


James Armstrong, AICP, GISP 

Spatial Relationships, LLC
Boston, Massachusetts

Board Liaison to Finance Committee, GISCI

(Board Term 2017-2019)


Keri Brennan, GISP

Michael Baker International
Indianapolis, Indiana

Board Liaison to URISA GIS
Leadership Academy
and Annual Conference Committees
and NextGen 911 Task Force

(Board Term 2016-2018)

Lynn Dupont, GISP, ASLA 

Regional Planning Commission
New Orleans, Louisiana

Strategic Planning Committee
Board Liaison to Professional
Education Materials Committee

(Board Term 2018-2020)

Corey Halford, GISP

City of Airdrie
Airdrie, Alberta Canada

Board Liaison to International Task Force
and ESIG Awards Review Committee

 (Board Term 2016-2018)

Brent Jones, PLS
Vienna, Virginia

Board Liaison to
Policy Advisory and Marketing Committees

(Board Term 2017-2019)


Robert Kirkman, GISP
Portland, Oregon

Strategic Planning Committee
Board Liaison to Address Standards
Working Group

(Board Term 2017-2019)



Michael (Glenn) O'Grady, GISP 
Planning Commission Chairman
City of Encinitas, CA

Policy Advisory Committee Chair
Representative to
Coalition of Geospatial Organizations


Non-Voting Board Member
Chapter Advisory Board Chair:

Cindy Post, GISP
City of Leduc
Leduc, Alberta

Representing URISA Alberta

Organizational Structure - adopted October 2015, amended October 2017

URISA Bylaws - adopted October 2015

Policy Manual - adopted October 2015, amended October 2017

URISA Committees - Each committee’s purpose and scope; membership and chairmanship; and committee-specific policies and procedures are included.

 Primary Committee Level Appointments:

  • Whistleblower Policy Compliance Office: Mark Sievers
  • GIS Management Institute Chair: Rebecca Somers
  • GISCorps Chair: German Whitley
  • Marketing Committee Chair: Amanda Taub 
  • Leadership Academy Chair: Ashley Hitt
  • Professional Education Materials Chair: Kevin Mickey
  • Professional Practice Committee Chair: Rebecca Somers
  • Policy Advisory Committee: Glenn O'Grady
  • Special Awards Chair: Tripp Corbin
  • ESIG Awards Chair: Duncan Rowe
  • Chapter Advisory Board Chair: Cindy Post
  • Chapter Advisory Board Vice Chair: Tom Fisher/Amy Esnard
  • Leadership Development Chair: Tripp Corbin
  • Annual Conference Chair: Alex Hepp
  • Annual Conference Program Chair: John Nolte
  • Annual Conference Associate Program Chair: Ashley Hitt
  • GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference Chair: Dan Cypert
  • GIS/CAMA Technologies Program Chair: Matt Bryant
  • International Task Force: Valrie Grant
  • NextGen 911 Task Force: Keri Brennan

Other Board Appointments

  • GIS Certification Institute: Martin Roche and Allen Ibaugh
  • Coalition of Geospatial Organizations: Glenn O'Grady (Delegate) and Ed Wells (Alternate)
  • FGDC Address Subcommittee: Ed Wells, Martha Wells, and Sara Yurman

Liaison Relationships:

  • American Planning Association: Teresa Townsend
  • National States Geographic Information Council: Cy Smith
  • International Association of Assessing Officers: Brent Jones
  • Property Records Industry Association: Peirce Eichelberger
  • National Association of Counties: Thomas Conry

URISA Headquarters employs a professional staff to handle the administrative affairs of the Association. Our staff members are available to assist you weekdays from 8:30am-5:00pm, central time. Please call, fax or email if they may be of any assistance.

Click here to send E-mail to the URISA headquarters' staff.

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