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BAAMA Chapter

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Area served: Greater San Francisco Bay Area, including Monterey, and Sonoma

BAAMA Vision and Mission Statements

BAAMA Vision: BAAMA is the vital organization of GIS professionals in the San Francisco Bay Region that promotes partnerships and teamwork with users of GIS technology to improve our environment and community.

BAAMA Mission: The mission of BAAMA is to be the primary forum of the San Francisco Bay Region geospatial community that provides education for professional development; networking opportunities; leadership, coordination, and representation - and has fun doing it.

Contact Information


Chapter Website: http://www.baama.org/


Individual Membership ($25 annual fee)

BAAMA Sponsors ($150 annual fee)

For membership details:  http://www.baama.org/membership


BAAMA frequently hosts educational programs for its membership and the community. Visit the BAAMA Calendar for upcoming event information.

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