GIS-Pro 2017: THE Conference for GIS Professionals


URISA is hosting its 55th Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida this October 23-26, 2017.

  • Conference Program - Take some time to review the workshop opportunities, program tracks and breakout sessions, keynote speakers and events that make GIS-Pro 2017 THE Conference for GIS Professionals!

  • Registration & Venue -The pre-conference registration fee increases on Thursday. Save $$ and register ASAP!

JAX Is Ready For URISA!

Jacksonville was recently impacted by record level storm surge from Hurricane Irma. The images of the St John's River overflowing were amazing. Rest assured that the City and the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront will be ready for URISA!

Our Hyatt JAX contacts let us know that the first floor took on some water from the flooding which impacted the front desk, restaurant and lounge, and unfortunately for the Hyatt, they have to do some first floor reconstruction. During our conference, the hotel is relocating the front desk to the second floor skybridge, between the hotel and the parking garage.  They are transforming some meeting space into a temporary restaurant offering limited menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  A lounge area will also be created on the second floor offering beverage service starting at 2:30PM EST until Midnight. In room dining service will not be available during the conference. All other services, including housekeeping, laundry and dry cleaning will be available. 

The hotel will be closed to the general public during our conference. They are only accommodating group guests like URISA GIS-Pro Conference attendees. Again, the meeting space and guestrooms were not affected by the storm.  

We are appreciative of the Hyatt's efforts to accommodate GIS-Pro in light of these unforeseen circumstances and are happy to support Jacksonville! We'll be distributing a list of restaurants and other options that are within an easy walk. (Fionn MacCool’s a 3 minute walk away in the Jacksonville Landing is open for business along with all of the other popular spots.)

So make your plans now if you haven't done so and start checking out the great dining options and attractions in the city. We've got a lot to talk about at the conference from Emergency Response and Disaster Assessment to GIS Strategic Planning and GISP Prep...and you need to be part of the discussion!

Use Your GIS Skills! To show our support for the areas impacted by the recent hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes, we've added a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Mapathon to the conference program on Monday evening. Like we did with the service projects in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, the GIS community has always been willing to give back to our neighbors. 

See you there! #JAXStrong











 Student Competition and Volunteer Opportunities

Conference Overview (Flyer)

From workshops to keynotes to breakout sessions, we’re offering significant content on NextGen 9-1-1 and Emergency Preparedness, Drones/UAVs, Asset Management, and Emerging Technologies. The committee also developed a full program track to support GIS Leaders and Managers; another that will help prepare GIS professionals for GISP Certification; and another track focused on supporting young professionals and students in our community. 

There is something for GIS professionals at all stages of their careers at GIS-Pro 2017!

Continuing Education for GIS and Planning Professionals
Attending this conference earns Education Points toward GISP certification and re-certification and the conference has been approved for 40.0 AICP-CM credits! 

Click here for the approved CM session detail or download this table


Get ready for JAX!



Comprehensive Program Tracks

Several topical themes emerged during the review of abstract submissions and ensuing program development meetings. URISA is pleased to present comprehensive program tracks at GIS-Pro 2017.

GIS Leadership & Management - Many of us may be managers in our career, but are we truly leaders in our profession? Is your organization utilizing GIS to its full potential? Are you working with the right people, the right data? Do you have a strategic plan in place? If you are in management, these questions are pivotal to your success as a leader. This track will help you emerge from middle management to stand above and lead the next generation of organizations and the people within them.

  • Begin with the “GIS Strategic Planning” or “Business Intelligence and Data Integration” workshop and take advantage of full programming designed for current and developing GIS managers and leaders.

GISP Exam FundamentalsWhat? I now have to take an exam to earn my GISP? How can I prepare for such a broad base of knowledge on a subject such as GIS? From appends to z-values, learn about the key subject areas in the Body of Knowledge, used to develop the GISCI Core Technical Knowledge Exam. Cover important ethical considerations, portfolio development and learn some tips to help you prepare to take the exam. This is a must attend track for anyone thinking about becoming certified.

  • Take the workshop that is most important to your work requirements and then take part in a full program track, ending with a practice exam.

NextGen 9-1-1 and Emergency Preparedness- The next generation of 9-1-1 is upon us and GIS is the future of finding those in need of assistance. As NextGen9-1-1 (NG911) technology is adopted by more emergency call centers, the need for precise, current GIS data, and the people who manage that data, is crucial for locating calls for service. But what does a GIS professional need to know to perform their job effectively in the NG911 environment? This track and the associated URISA workshops on NG911 will provide the digital details, the management methods, and the information you need to become an effective partner with the 9-1-1 professionals in your locale.

  • Take any of the workshops dedicated to emergency response and NG911 and then dive deep into a full line-up of sessions to help you move your organization forward.

Emerging Technologies - As a GIS Professional we all wonder how new trends in technology will change our profession. From mitigating risk of infectious diseases to using 3D GIS to model facilities and future growth, this track will bring the new technology into focus, allowing us to make informed decisions and increase our understanding of the latest advancements in our field.

  • Choose the all-encompassing workshop on “UAS Operational Requirements for the GIS Professional” or learn about the capabilities of FEMA’s Hazus-MH and follow up with numerous sessions highlighting technology achievements.

Transportation and Asset Management - The fundamentals of asset management are: What do you own? What condition is it in? Where is it located? Historically these questions were answered with paper and ink, see how GIS can improve your asset management systems. From an enterprise perspective to Intelligent Transportation Systems, this track will help you gain knowledge to improve or enhance your current asset technology.

  • Start with the full-day workshop “Asset Management: Planning, Strategy and Implementation” and attend focused sessions on Wednesday.

Young Professionals: Inspiring the Future of GIS - URISA understands the importance of young professionals and to this end we have called upon our seasoned members, with the assistance of our Vanguard Cabinet, to help create a track with a focus on Generation Z. A generation that grew up only knowing internet-capable phones and social media, these are the future professionals of our industry. How will they shape the future? What tools or technologies will they be using? This track will help our next generation of professionals learn and prepare for working and succeeding in our industry and the future of GIS.

  • Choose the workshop of most importance to your work and then take advantage of a full 3-day track on sessions targeted to your development.


Call for Presentations The conference program was developed, in large part, through a peer review of the GIS community's submitted presentation proposals. The deadline for submissions was March 10, but it's always possible that late submissions will be considered.  Review suggested topics, presentation format options and more here.


The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association: Founded in 1963, URISA is an international geospatial organization that provides geographic information system (GIS) education and training, advocacy for the profession, and essential resources to foster excellence in GIS.

Future Conferences

Conference History

GIS-Pro 2016 took place October 31-November 3 in Toronto, Ontario. To view the conference program brochure, click here.

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Thank you to our Canadian Chapters (URISA Ontario, URISA Alberta, and URISA British Columbia) for their support! 

Annual Conference Site History

URISA and the Northwest GIS User Group were proud to present GIS-Pro & NWGIS 2015, October 18-22, 2015 in Spokane, Washington, in cooperation with the Northern Rockies and Washington URISA Chapters. Nearly 450 GIS professionals attended the conference. There was a lot of interaction and discussion and excellent reviews of the educational program. A very positive conference experience!  What a fabulous conference! See what you missed: Online Conference Program 

GIS-Pro & NWGIS 2015
October 18-22, 2015
Spokane, Washington

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