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URISA's GIS Management Institute® (GMI) helps organizations identify and implement enterprise GIS management practice improvements. GMI products and services can help GIS managers maximize the effective use of GIS for their enterprise business goals.  The GIS Capability Maturity Assessment Service will be available in 2016, read below for additional details.

What can we do for you and your organization?

GMI offers the following core products and services to help managers and organizations assess and advance their GIS competency and maturity levels. What best fit your needs?

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Geospatial Management Competency Model (GMCM


GIS Managers

The Geospatial Management Competency Model (GMCM) identifies 74 competencies within 18 competency areas for GIS Management.

It is a tier of the Geospatial Technical Competency Model, the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration’s (DOLETA’s) Competency Modeling Initiative.

Available for free self-assessment

GIS Capability Maturity Model  (GISCMM )




Enterprise level GIS capability maturity model.


Available for free self-assessment.

GIS Capability Maturity Assessment Service 


A comprehensive assessment of GIS management capability maturity. The assessment tool indicates your organization’s GIS management maturity on a wide range of geospatial capabilities*. 

The GIS Management Capability Maturity Assessment Tool is AVAILABLE NOW!

Please contact us for more information about how to get your organization signed up.

  • Available by subscription (subscription cost based on organization size)
  • Annual self-administered assessment of key metrics associated with organizational GIS management maturity levels
  • Results report and graphic charting
  • Visualize your organization’s GIS management strengths and weaknesses
  • Comparison across other organizations





























 * GISCMM Glossary of Terms:  Refer to this document for definitions of the terms used, to aid in completing the assessment.


GMI Initiatives

GMI is working on several more initiatives to help organizations with their GIS management operations.
These include:

  • Development of GIS Management Best Practices and Body of Knowledge
  • GIS Management-related professional education
  • Expansion of GIS Management information dissemination
  • Promotion of awareness and adoption of GIS management best practices by organizations and GIS professionals

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Have Questions? For more information about URISA's GIS Management Institute, contact Wendy Nelson, URISA Executive Director at (847) 824-6300 .

Related Publications and Resources 

Available now through the GIS Management Institute & URISA

URISA Leadership Academy: A five-day course on GIS leadership and management, presented at least annually. The ULA is tailored to industry leaders and practitioners faced with unique challenges of GIS leadership and management and who want to make an impact leveraging the power of GIS.

The GIS Management Handbook:  A comprehensive guide and reference to the field of GIS management. It provides practical information on the development, implementation, and operation of GIS programs and projects and is valuable resource for seasoned and new GIS managers and aspiring managers. This book takes a practical approach providing clear descriptions of concepts, issues, and practices that may be used in operational settings, in public and private sector organizations to improve and maximize the efficiency of GIS programs and projects. 

Other Relevant Resources:

These articles/reports are occasional GIS Management Institute® discussion papers. These papers do not represent the opinion of URISA. The publication of these papers are offered to stimulate thought and open discussion about issues related to GIS management that are important to the GIS community

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