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Why URISA? Founded in 1963, URISA is a leading provider of learning and knowledge for the GIS community. URISA connects great ideas and great people to inspire leadership and achievement. URISA strives to provide exceptional educational experiences, a vibrant and connected community, and the essential resources you need to be successful in your career. 

URISA fosters excellence in GIS through its programs, guiding and supporting GIS professionals throughout their careers.

URISA is a multidisciplinary association where professionals from all parts of the spatial data community come together to share concerns and ideas:

  • Government — local, regional, state/provincial, tribal and federal
  • Academia — K-12 through graduate level
  • Consultant
  • Private Sector — find out about corporate partnership packages 
  • Nonprofit Organizations



URISA sponsors numerous educational programs throughout the year, from webinars and workshops to multi-day conferences. In addition to GIS-Pro: URISA’s Annual Conference for GIS Professionals, URISA also presents a number of specialty conferences and events, including:

    URISA Leadership Academy
    GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference
    GIS in Public Health Conference
    GIS in Transit Conference
    URISA’s Caribbean GIS Conference

URISA members can take advantage of significantly-discounted registration fees to attend all of our educational programs. Further, URISA members are offered numerous opportunities to make presentations at these events, sharing their knowledge and experiences (while earning contribution points towards their certification).


“URISA is THE professional organization for those who use GIS. URISA goes beyond the software user groups and tackles the issues that are important to all GIS professionals, from GIS policy guidance to justifying GIS in your organization to fundamental addressing techniques. However, it’s the educational opportunities that really set URISA apart from the others.”  – Eric Bohard, GISP, GIS Manager – Clackamas County, OR


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The URISA experience is all about connections and cultivating your professional network. You’ll connect with experienced managers and the thought leaders in the field, young professionals and students. Get involved with URISA Chapters to connect locally. Your URISA Network will quickly become your support system for ideas, solutions and encouragement.

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From the URISA Journal, THE GIS PROFESSIONALand theURISA Digest, to the numerous publications and white papers and unmatched Body of Knowledge in URISA Conference Proceedings, members are well-equipped to meet the challenges faced in today’s world.

“URISA has been and continues to be an outstanding resource of international best practices and guidelines for the geospatial community. The diversity and breadth of knowledge and intellectual capital of the URISA community is unmatched and has been a balanced resource for me since I first joined URISA as a student member several years ago.” Allen Ibaugh, AICP, GISP, CEO – Data Transfer Solutions

URISA is Influential

  • URISA is the founding member of the GIS Certification Institute, the organization that administers professional certification for the field and is dedicated to advancing the industry. URISA is committed to providing its members with ample educational resources and opportunities to achieve and maintain their GISCI certification.
  • In 2003, URISA’s GISCorps was established as a program which provides volunteer GIS support for underdeveloped countries and also to support disaster recovery efforts. GISCorps volunteers have successfully completed projects across the globe.
  • URISA’s GIS Hall of Fame recognizes the most esteemed leaders of the geospatial community.
  • URISA is also a founding member of the Coalition of Geospatial Organizations (COGO).

Learn more about the History of URISA.

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