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Platinum Corporate Partners


Since 1969, Esri® has been helping organizations map and model our world. Esri’s GIS software tools and methodologies enable them to effectively analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions.  They are supported by our experienced and knowledgeable staff and extensive network of business partners and international distributors. A full-service GIS company, Esri supports the implementation of GIS technology on the desktop, servers, online services, and mobile devices. These GIS solutions are flexible, customizable, and easy to use.

Esri software is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations who apply GIS to solve problems and make our world a better place to live. We pay close attention to our users to ensure they have the best tools possible to accomplish their missions.  A comprehensive suite of training options offered worldwide helps our users fully leverage their GIS.

Esri is a socially conscious business, actively supporting organizations involved in education, conservation, sustainable development, and humanitarian affairs.


Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Geospatial helps you make sense of our dynamically changing world.  As a leading global provider of geospatial software, our portfolio helps organizations holistically understand change and use this information to make business-critical decisions.

Gold Corporate Partners

Cyclomedia Technology, Inc.

Phone: 800-790-3652

Cyclomedia is the market leader in systematic imaging of large-scale environments from cities to complete countries. Cyclomedia’s smart imagery solution creates Cycloramas – 360-degree panoramic photos – with high accuracy, providing current and clear views of street-level environments.

The Cyclomedia recording system is like no other. It uses patented technology to determine the exact position and orientation of every picture taken. By creating a dense network of geometric street images, Cycloramas are always focused on the correct address or feature from multiple vantage points.  

Our solution revolutionizes the way asset and property assessment is managed and reported. It reduces field visits and provides accurate feature measurements with convenient spot-checking. It simplifies maintenance and enables automated inventory and controlled processes. It also saves valuable resources while simplifying the decision-making process, improving operations and increasing efficiency.

We provide ready-made solutions throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Our technology is widely used in government GIS, public safety, and security markets, as well as in construction, infrastructure management, and insurance.

We provide a full range of services related to 3D mobile mapping. Data is captured and delivered worldwide.

Our primary market segments include:

  • Property Taxation, Appraisal, and Building Inspection
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Management
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Engineering and Construction Planning

Cyclomedia offers the following licensed products:


  • Cycloramas – Seamless, accurate 360° panos taken at street-level with our patented recording technology.

Viewer Software

  • GlobeSpotter – Our feature-rich web app for viewing Cycloramas that runs on any browser supporting Flash.
  • GlobeSpotter for ArcGIS Desktop – The power of GlobeSpotter inside Esri’s leading GIS software.

Hosting Solutions

  • GlobeSpotter Cloud – Secure, scalable hosting service managed by Cyclomedia that’s free to customers.
  • GlobeSpotter Server – Locally hosted option supporting all Cyclomedia’s content and software.

Developer Tools

  • GlobeSpotter API – Integrate GlobeSpotter components into your user’s existing business workflow.
  • Panoramic Rendering Service – Extract pictures for reports and texture map buildings with Cycloramas.

 Silver Corporate Partners

Data Transfer Solutions

Headquartered in Orlando, DTS is a leader in asset management, geographic information systems, and transportation planning. We specialize in creating solutions to help clients automate their worlds, reduce their workload and organize their data through customized technology.

DTS is comprised of seven divisions, each with its own scope of services. Often however, a single project spans several divisions before completion because we uniquely offer all the necessary cutting-edge services, integrated within one company.


EagleView® is the unparalleled provider of Pictometry® Imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions serving the commercial, government and public utility sectors. The company’s patented image capture processes and 3D modeling algorithms coupled with property-centric analytic tools empower end-user workflows with scalable, efficient and highly accurate answer sets in support of property claims, risk management, construction, emergency response, assessment, corridor mapping and more.

Bronze Corporate Partners


Since 1986, GeoDecisions has partnered with clients throughout the U.S. and abroad to design, develop, and deploy leading edge, disruptive GIS tools and applications that improve decision-making. Backed by Gannett Fleming, our rock-solid engineering parent company established in 1915, we combine the best talent and resources from across our firm to deliver the best business solutions.

Planning, budgeting, managing assets and data, and optimizing resources are critically important in today’s global economy. At GeoDecisions, we provide the data management and mapping technology tools and products that help clients successfully navigate change. Our geospatial information technology (IT) offerings empower organizations to make more informed business decisions and improve their bottom line.

Partnering with industry leaders such as Esri, our turnkey approach encompasses strategic planning and implementation design all the way through system integration and testing. Our foundation for success is based on the belief that the true power of GIS lies in the integration of diverse information technologies, data formats, and systems. From cloud computing and mobile technologies to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings built on the Esri® platform, our location-based IT solutions provide next-generation reporting, visibility, and analytics.

GeoDecisions believes that all IT projects require vision and considerable leadership to be completed successfully, on time, and on budget. By championing a philosophy vested in partnering, collaboration, and shared goals, GeoDecisions’ staff makes every effort to work with all parties who will use a system. We strive to recommend the best-fit solutions for our clients, based on the balance of available funding and personnel versus desired functionality.

GeoDecisions is ISO 9001:2008-certified and employs more than 80 IT and geographic information system (GIS) professionals operating out of 9 offices. Our staff is engaged in IT consulting and in the design, development, and deployment of data repositories and geospatial and Web-enabled information management systems. GeoDecisions IT solutions are flexible, scalable, and resusable.

Our business specialties benefit the logistics and fleet management, insurance and financial, municipal and facility asset management, transportation, and utility markets.

Our team includes subject matter experts with advanced certifications who keep their fingers on the pulse of geospatial technology. Through industry leadership, ongoing training, and a unique blend of talent, GeoDecisions professionals work to exceed client expectations every day. Our vision identifies and mitigates risk, resulting in more effective project collaboration, on-time delivery, and success.

K2 Geospatial

Since 1995, K2 Geospatial has been committed to bringing spatial information and analysis tools within everyone’s reach by developing software solutions that provide effective visual aids to decision-makers.

K2 Geospatial’s solutions connect, consolidate, and publish data that is often managed and stored in silos throughout different systems. Employees and citizens can easily access the information and analyze it in real time to make informed decisions. Our solutions are used by municipalities, regional governments, ports, airports, road authorities, railways, public utilities, and natural resource companies.

K2’s solutions are powered by JMap, a map-based integration platform designed to connect silos and offer user-friendly interfaces destined to non-technical users. JMap is deployed and used by hundreds of organizations in North, South and Central America as well as in Europe.


Valtus Imagery

At Valtus, our focus - and our passion - is the storage and online distribution of large imagery and LiDAR datasets. Yes...our passion. Nowhere will you find a group of technicians more committed to (and enthusiastic about) the prompt and seamless delivery of imagery that brings value to customers' businesses.

As pioneers of industry leading Content as a Service (CaaS) and Cloud Solutions, our passion for providing Internet access to imagery has been growing strong since 1995.

Valtus is part of Hexagon (Nordic exchange HEXA B;, a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies that enable customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.


As a leader in GIS/IT, Environmental Solutions, Engineering, and Surveying, VESTRA has the depth of know-how and experience to help clients achieve success. VESTRA, an employee-owned corporation dating back to 1988, prides itself on our local presence and commitment to the community. Our mission is to be our clients’ most-valued consultant by providing cost-effective, innovative, and technically superior project solutions. Whatever your current or future needs, VESTRA’s full-service resources are available to support you on your next critical project.

Business Partners

Bad Elf

Bad Elf specializes in the design and manufacture of affordable and reliable high-performance GNSS receivers for GIS mapping and field data collection. All of our products are lightweight, portable, and provide a battery life of twenty-four hours for a full day of data collection activities. Our complete product line offers a range of capabilities and accuracy (from 2.5 meters to 1 meter) to match your requirements.

Bad Elf products work seamlessly with most GIS and mapping apps in the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Bad Elf also supports Android and Windows devices, providing streaming location data in standard NMEA sentences.
Our Bluetooth GNSS Surveyor provides high-accuracy (~1 meter), multi-constellation support (GPS, GLONASS, QZSS), SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS), and universal Bluetooth connectivity (iOS, Android, Windows). The free Bad Elf Utility app for iOS includes DGPS and post-processing workflows.

We are forging strong relationships with GIS app developers taking advantage of our products’ advanced hardware features thru our Bad Elf Developer program. There are no restrictions on how you use your data. We believe in open standards. Any device that can connect to a Bad Elf GNSS receiver via Bluetooth will be able to consume data directly from our GNSS accessories.Your data. Your way.


Geocove helps agencies solve the problem of where. Geocove provides spatial technology solutions to government agencies and utilities to help them collect, manage, visualize and share information. We provide insight into problems and solutions for decision makers, users and the public. We also make seriously cool map apps. So how does your GIS program work for you? 



GeoTechVision focuses on “Delivering Value through Innovative Solutions!”

We have been assisting Caribbean Businesses, Agencies and Government Ministries to develop and effectively use spatial intelligence in critical decision making! We are very involved with establishing Geographic Information Systems, GPS and Mobility products and solutions, as well as marketing our own “GeO” brand tablet. We consider Human Capacity Building as very critical - right from the classroom to the work environment.  Hence our Classroom Management Solution and our strong focus on Training and Development in all our engagements. Our other consulting services include Project Management, Information Security Advisory, Process Audit and Assurance, Business Analysis and Enterprise GIS solution planning and Implementation.


MGP is an information systems services company that specializes in geospatial solutions. Our comprehensive range of geographic, data modeling, and business process solutions provide you new opportunities to find a better way. We believe that innovation creates opportunity and collaboration breeds success. MGP was formed as a shared business model in which clients are partners. This philosophy enables significant cost savings and makes it possible for any client, regardless of size, to get where they need to go. MGP is the managing partner of the GIS Consortium.


Planning Communities, LLC

Planning Communities, LLC provides a wide range of multi-disciplinary planning services for local, state and federal agencies, tribal nations and community organizations. Community, transportation, environmental and GIS services include local/regional planning, visioning/scenario planning, land use, socioeconomic, market and cost-benefit analysis, community asset mapping, tool/application support and development, process improvement/integration, consensus-building and facilitation.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Planning Communities has additional offices in Charlotte (NC) and Seattle (WA). Planning Communities is a North Carolina certified Small Professional Service Firm (SPSF) and is certified as a DBE in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Delaware.


Spatial Relationships, LLC

Spatial Relationships
15 Parley Ave
Boston, MA 02130



Synergy Systems & Services

Synergy is an Asian American owned MBE with an excellent track record of government contracting. Established 2002 and based in Maryland we have come a long way from providing data support services at Maryland State Highway Administration to providing services such as Database Management, GIS Data Creation, GIS application development and support, Software Engineering and Business Process Consulting to its distinguished clients in various Government Agencies. We take pride in all our work and take every effort to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Temporal Geo Analytics

Temporal Geo Analytics, Inc. (TGA) is a Land Use and Environmental Litigation consulting firm.

We have expertise in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to develop, manage, and distribute complex spatial databases, as well as creating the presentation-quality visualizations and graphics needed for natural resource litigation and land use projects.

TGA specializes in the analysis of multifaceted land use issues and environmental impacts over time.  TGA is expert at acquiring and integrating historic and current spatial data to build the critical information you need to represent your case.

Using GIS, we transform complex issues into defensible, authoritative, and easily understood maps and graphics.  Our clientele consists primarily of natural resource and environmental attorneys, oil and gas companies, mining companies, and land developers.

Leveraging GIS for Environmental, Natural Resource, and Land Use Planning is our core expertise. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integrate and overlay unlimited layers of themed spatial and tabular data to illustrate and reveal patterns, context, and the intrinsic qualities of any location. A GIS is also a powerful analysis tool capable of querying data for location and its relationship to overall context. At TGA, we have an intimate understanding of these tools and their capabilities.

Working with you and other experts, we build a completely defensible, dynamic analysis data platform with interactive visualizations and related tables that clearly represent the qualities of your project and its relationship to larger political, environmental, and regional contexts.

Wellar Consulting

Wellar Consulting services include design and evaluation of education and training courses and currricula for GISystems and GIScience programs; advice and workshops on the development of quantitative measures to assess information system and transportation system performance;critical reviews of IS and GIS RFPs; seminars on the safety and security aspects of interdependent infrastructures; professional opinion on land use planning and zoning issues; and, expert opinion on liability for safety-related incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicle operators.

Education Partners

North Carolina State University - Center for Geospatial Analysis

Since its founding in 2010, the USC Spatial Sciences Institute has been using the power of spatial thinking and literacy – the ability to connect place and space – to help address global challenges, including those connected with population growth, urbanization, environmental sustainability, and human well-being. Through its innovative academic programs, the Spatial Sciences Institute educates and trains today’s leaders capable of deploying the “science of where” in every possible discipline and industry.  Members of our internationally-recognized faculty contribute to the rapidly-evolving body of geospatial knowledge.  From our home base in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, we collaborate with faculty colleagues throughout the University of Southern California and with other prestigious institutions around the world on funded research that links SSI faculty and students with decision makers and citizens and knowledge with action. We promote the analysis, modeling, and visualization of location-based data through interdisciplinary use-inspired and integrated research and teaching.

Roster of Academic Programs:

Here are some examples of our work:

Award-winning video

University of Washington Tacoma, Urban Studies

Temple University, Fox School of Business   - Philadelphia, PA

Increase your capabilities with the Fox Master of Science in IT Auditing and Cyber Security and gain the knowledge to assess and control organizational cyber risks and protect data and information assets. Learn from experts in the field through our industry-proven curriculum, featuring built-in preparation for Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification. Flexible class formats enable you to choose the option that works best for you: online, face-to-face, or a hybrid of both. 

Auburn University

Lakeland Community College —Kirtland, OH

Media Partners

Directions Magazine is the worldwide leader in delivering timely news and technology trends to professionals using geospatial technology and location intelligent software solutions. Through our daily publications, we bring awareness to the news that shapes the geospatially-enabled IT marketplace and the expansion of mobile location-based applications. Read, everyday for the most complete coverage of all things location.

 GeoConnexion From local to global: geotechnology news where and when you need it. GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia. Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, UAS, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, the environment, utilities, surveying, LBS, transport/ logistics, telecommunications and more.

GISCafe  is a portal offering GIS and geospatial professionals complete GIS product catalog listings, technical papers, GIS news, CEO interviews, multimedia presentations, priority press releases, event postings, job placement and more. Each GISWeekly Review delivers to its readers news concerning the latest developments in the GIS industry, in a readable newsletter format with feature stories and news bytes. GISCafe receives more than 100,000 unique visitors and its daily newsletter has more than 40,000 subscribers. Subscribe to the daily newsletter at GISCafe.Com.

GISUser is devoted to reporting, informing, and sharing the latest GIS, Geo, and location technology news, resources, and tips with the professional community. The portal is updated daily, throughout the day with news, original feature articles, career opportunities, social media tips and tricks, data tips, and community announcements. The site is supported by a 2X a week industry E newsletter and a vibrant Social Media presence (Twitter, facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, YouTube, Flickr, blog). GISuser invites your news tips and article/feature submissions and will gladly connect and engage with you via social media. Find us on Twitter @GISuser and at

V1 Magazine dedicated to providing information that supports economical technologies and processes that promote sustainable environments. Building upon a foundation of design principles and infrastructure disciplines, and tempered with the understanding of processes, Vector1 Media pursues visualization, modeling, spatial analysis, GIS, simulation and sensor technologies for holistic management planning and decision making. Our goal is to realize the principle of sustainable living through successful and sustainable economic development using these technologies and  applications. People are an integral aspect of infrastructure development and geographic analysis tools will connect residents to infrastructure. Vector1 Media will push for the adoption of integrated spatially-based systems and knowledge where advances can be achieved with high-impact returns on investment and improved quality of life. To subscribe and for more information:


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