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Current Issue: Volume 27, Number 1
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 Important Publishing Note (November 2016):  There will be two more issues of the URISA Journal published (Volume 27, Number 2 and a final Volume 28) and then the long-time peer-reviewed publication of URISA will cease publication.

The URISA Journal is the peer-reviewed publication of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association ISSN 1045-8077

Editor: Jochen Albrecht, PhD, Associate Professor for Computational and Theoretical Geography. Hunter College, New York, NY

Manager: Wendy Nelson, URISA Executive Director

The URISA Journal is the flagship publication of the Urban and Regional Information Association and is published both in print and online. Members of URISA receive copies of the URISA Journal as a member benefit while libraries and other institutions may receive the Journal only by subscribing. Each issue of the Journal contains refereed articles and reports as well as book reviews, software reviews and current literature reviews. The URISA Journal is a must for any library, reference center, research facility, or for anyone who is interested in the latest advancements happening within the GIS academic and professional communities.

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Mission of the URISA Journal

Journal Articles: Accepted for Volume 27, Number 2

King County GIS Center 2015 GIS Assessment Report
(5/2016) Greg Babinski, MA, GISP, King County GIS Center, Seattle, WA

Geographic Information Systems in Selected Cities and Counties in the Southeast United States
(11/2015) Dr. David A. Bradbard - Winthrop University; Dr. Barbara K. Fuller - Winthrop University; Braxton Bryan Townsend - York County Government

A Pragmatic Approach to Establishing the Cadastral Parcel Fabric for Sustainable Land Management in Sri Lanka
(11/2015) Dr Brian S. Rupasinghe - Research and Development Section, Survey Department, Sri Lanka

Making Area-based Composite Indices Comparable across Time – The Role of Standardization and Outlier Removal
Krista Heinrich, Carmen Huber, Claus Rinner - Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University

Women in the GIS Profession
Livia Betancourt Mazur, New York City Department of Transportation and Dr. Jochen Albrecht, Department of Geography, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York 

Journal Articles:  Volume 28 (Final Issue)

This issue will be a themed issue on the topic of "Mediating Open Data" organized by Victoria Fast, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Calgary and Claus Rinner, PhD, GISP, Professor and Chair, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Ryerson University.

  • Who are government open data infomediaries? A preliminary scan and classification of Canadian open data users and product.
    Peter Johnson and Sarah Greene - University of Waterloo
  • The Civic Open Data and Crowdsourcing App Ecosystem: Actors, Materials, and Interventions
    Suthee Sangiambut, Renee Sieber - McGill University
  • Downscaling: understanding the influence of national open data initiatives in smaller and mid-sized cities in British Columbia, Canada.
    Mark Gill, and Jon Corbett - UBC Okanagan
  • The Geographic Contents of Municipal and Regional Open Data Catalogues in Canada
    Edgar Baculi, Victoria Fast, Claus Rinner - Ryerson University
  • Open data community maturity: libraries as civic infomediaries
    Pamela Robinson and Lisa Ward Mather - Ryerson University

Journal Articles: Under Review

The papers listed are those for which the authors consented to make available online before the review process is complete. The articles in progress are posted here so that the ideas and works of authors may be made available to others as early as possible. However, the articles have not yet undergone peer review and therefore no implications regarding the quality of articles should be made by their appearance in the list below.

Our intended practice is to post articles within one week of receiving the signed copyright statement and the article from the author.

Supporting Professional GIS Management – A Vision for the GIS Management Institute®
(5/2016) Greg Babinski, MA, GISP, King County GIS Center, Seattle, WA



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