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The URISA Journal is the peer-reviewed publication of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association ISSN 1045-8077

Editor: Jochen Albrecht, PhD, Associate Professor for Computational and Theoretical Geography. Hunter College, New York, NY

Manager: Wendy Nelson, URISA Executive Director

The URISA Journal is the flagship publication of the Urban and Regional Information Association and is published both in print and online. Members of URISA receive copies of the URISA Journal as a member benefit while libraries and other institutions may receive the Journal only by subscribing. Each issue of the Journal contains refereed articles and reports as well as book reviews, software reviews and current literature reviews. The URISA Journal is a must for any library, reference center, research facility, or for anyone who is interested in the latest advancements happening within the GIS academic and professional communities.

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If you wish to submit an article for review, please send a manuscript to info@urisa.org.  Be sure to follow the Manuscript Guidelines outlined in the document below and include a signed copy of the Copyright Agreement, one agreement per author, with your submission.

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Journal Articles: Under Review

The papers listed are those for which the authors consented to make available online before the review process is complete. The articles in progress are posted here so that the ideas and works of authors may be made available to others as early as possible. However, the articles have not yet undergone peer review and therefore no implications regarding the quality of articles should be made by their appearance in the list below.

Our intended practice is to post articles within one week of receiving the signed copyright statement and the article from the author.

Supporting Professional GIS Management – A Vision for the GIS Management Institute®
(5/2016) Greg Babinski, MA, GISP, King County GIS Center, Seattle, WA

King County GIS Center 2015 GIS Assessment Report
(5/2016) Greg Babinski, MA, GISP, King County GIS Center, Seattle, WA

Geographic Information Systems in Selected Cities and Counties in the Southeast United States
(11/2015) Dr. David A. Bradbard - Winthrop University; Dr. Barbara K. Fuller - Winthrop University; Braxton Bryan Townsend - York County Government

Implement the Method for Finding the Status of Aqua Pond and Uncertainty Handling in Aqua Data Sets using Rough Set Theory
(11/2015) Suresh Babu Chandanapalli - Gudlavalleru Engineering College; Dr. E. Sreenivasa Reddy- Acharya Nagarjuna University; Dr. D. Rajya Lakshmi -JNTUK University College of Engineering

A Pragmatic Approach to Establishing the Cadastral Parcel Fabric for Sustainable Land Management in Sri Lanka
(11/2015) Dr Brian S. Rupasinghe - Research and Development Section, Survey Department, Sri Lanka

The articles appearing here have been submitted to the URISA Journal for possible publication, but for which authors have not consented to making available online while under peer review:

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Re-Submittals after Peer Review

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Reviews Submitted - Awaiting Possible Re-Submittals

Embedding Volunteer Generated Data in Environmental Management through Structured Public Participation
(Version 6/2014) Mu-Ning Wang and Timothy L. Nyerges, University of Washington

From Paper to the Web: A Case Study of Alternative PPGIS Data Collection Methodology
(Version 5/2013) Jarrod Loerzel, Susan Lovelace, Maria K Dillard, College of Charleston, Masters of Environmental Studies Program, JHT, Inc., Hollings Marine Labratory, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, National Ocean Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Monitoring Public Reinvestment Post-Disaster: Louisiana Land Trust Option 1 Properties
(Version 10/2013) Michelle M. Thompson, PhD, University of New Orleans, Department of Planning and Urban Studies

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