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Our Strategic Goals:

Protect, promote and grow the GIS profession.

Support GIS professionals at all stages of their careers with essential training and resources.

Sustain and strengthen the organization.


CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: In an effort to protect the health and well-being of URISA staff, we will operate on a virtual basis beginning Tuesday, March 17. Rest assured, we are not suspending or closing operations. We will continue to serve you and conduct our business on a remote basis until at least April 30 (when Illinois' stay-at-home order currently expires) and then reassess the situation. Be well. 

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Our Mission

URISA is a multi-disciplinary geospatial organization that provides professional education and training, a vibrant and connected community, advocacy for geospatial challenges and issues, and essential resources. URISA fosters excellence in GIS and engages geospatial professionals throughout their careers.

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Recent News

URISA Announces Young Professional of the Year - February 25, 2020

NextGen young GIS professionals leading the way.

2020 URISA Exemplary Systems in Government Awards Process Opens - February 5, 2020

The award competition is open to all public agencies at the national/federal, state/provincial, regional and local levels. Submissions are due June 1, 2020.

URISA Announces 2020 Vanguard Cabinet of Young Professionals - February 3, 2020

Young GIS professionals continue to make an impact.

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"When I first joined URISA as young professional, it was out of job obligation. Never in a million years could I have anticipated the benefits of that decision. URISA has been my go-to in my career providing a rich resource of knowledge, best practice, and leadership. It has given me so many opportunities to share, explore, and collaborate. At its heart, URISA is a family and everyone is welcome to call it home."
Cindy Post, Manager, Geomatic Services, City of Leduc, Alberta Canada
“URISA goes beyond the software user groups and tackles the issues that are important to all GIS professionals, from GIS policy guidance to justifying GIS in your organization. However, it’s the educational opportunities that really set URISA apart from the others.”
Eric Bohard, GISP, GIS Manager, Clackamas County, Oregon
"The connections and opportunities URISA has provided me have been overwhelmingly valuable! From having a network of geospatial colleagues to the strategic planning and emerging technology skills I can use as a leader in my organization, URISA returns so much on my membership and time investment that I will always be an active member and volunteer!"
Ashley Hitt, GISP, Director, GIS Services, Connected Nation, Louisville, Kentucky
“URISA has been and continues to be an outstanding resource of international best practices and guidelines for the geospatial community. The diversity and breadth of knowledge and intellectual capital of the URISA community is unmatched and has been a balanced resource for me since I first joined URISA as a student member.”
Allen Ibaugh, AICP, GISP, CEO, Data Transfer Solutions, Orlando, Florida
“As a young professional, URISA allowed me to network with a variety of professionals as well as create opportunities for me to volunteer, present, and get involved in ways I couldn't have imagined. I would not be where I'm at, in my career, without the URISA community!”
Kari Leer, GIS/CAD Technician, Porter County, Valparaiso, Indiana
"Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, URISA is the GIS professional organization for you. This organization has allowed me to grow my professional network as well as enhance my teaching and technological expertise through participation in various events. Whether your involvement is with a regional chapter or attending international events, the experience will leave you yearning for more. Try it, I promise you wouldn’t be disappointed."
Elthron M. Anderson, GISP, Geospatial Technology and Infrastructure Asset Manager, Southgate Water & Sanitation Districts, Centennial, Colorado
"URISA International is not only a resource, but also the gateway into a vast and energized world of GIS professionals. I am continually surprised by the web of connections, opportunities and learning that have become available through my involvement with the organization."
Kara Utter, Independent GIS Consultant, Dynamic Visions Mapping Service, McCall, Idaho
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