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URISA 2021 Membership Renewal

2020 is a year we will never forget. 

The COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Q1 and rapidly became the focus of all aspects of our lives. Prioritizing the health and safety of family, friends, and coworkers was at the top of the list, and remains there to this day.

Those of us who were able to do so, worked from our homes, isolating to protect our coworkers and the public. We multi-tasked to support remote learning for children, organized grocery deliveries and ran errands for our senior relatives, celebrated birthdays, graduations, and weddings virtually...all while keeping up with an ever-increasing workload. 

URISA members answered the call!  We successfully pivoted to virtual programs in order to provide you with the content and resources to help you and your organization excel. We delivered GIS leadership training, regular webinars, and an entire GIS-Pro 2020 virtually! We provided opportunities to contribute and supported member interests. 

URISA is well-positioned to ride out the disruptions. URISA chapters are strong and active; our headquarters' staff continues to provide the services and expertise you've come to expect (though primarily working remotely, we even downsized our office space to take advantage of cost savings); and our volunteer pool of leaders is dedicated, creative, and committed to supporting URISA members. 

Whatever the future holds, it is certain that online education will remain an important part of our programs and services moving forward. 

But we are anticipating the day when we can also meet in-person again. Zoom fatigue is real!

Hang in there. Please stay safe! 

"The connections and opportunities URISA has provided me have been overwhelmingly valuable! From having a network of geospatial colleagues to the strategic planning and emerging technology skills I can use as a leader in my organization, URISA returns so much on my membership and time investment that I will always be an active member and volunteer!"
- Ashley Hitt, GISP, Director, GIS Services, Connected Nation, Louisville, Kentucky

Renew today and continue to receive:  

  • Significant discounts on registration fees for URISA-sponsored conferences, the URISA GIS Leadership Academy, and workshops.
  • Free webinars.
  • Subscriptions to The GIS Professional and URISA Digest.
  • Access to the vast electronic URISA Library of conference proceedings, Journal articles, and other resources.
  • Advocacy efforts to support and protect the profession.
  • Ample opportunities to contribute on URISA Committees and Task Forces (and earn GISP points).
  • Access to an experienced and welcoming network of professionals.

  • Our 365 day online community, URISA Connect, provides a platform to explore areas of interest, discuss solutions and best practices, and talk over challenges with your peers and leaders in the profession. 

Renew your Membership

There are two easy ways to renew your individual URISA membership in your current category (if you wish to change your membership category, review the options under Upgrade Your Membership below):

  • Pay onlineLog in and click the Membership Renewal link at the top of the menu on the left side of the screen and Pay Open Orders by supplying your credit card information.   Also, on this page you can click on the dot next to your dues amount to print your invoice. (While you’re in your record, click on My Information to make sure the information we have for you is current and accurate. Is your job title correct? Take some time to update your areas of expertise, URISA involvement and your professional profile).
  • Mail Invoice with check to: URISA, PO Box 1247, Bedford Park, IL 60499-1247 USA, or email vmcbride@urisa.org with credit card information. 
  • Or call member services at 847-824-6300 and pay with a credit card.

When renewing, please consider including a tax-deductible donation to URISA’s GISCorps or URISA’s Young Professional Scholarship program.

Very Important... If you decide to adjust your membership category (i.e. from Student to Young Professional or from Individual to Government Agency, Educational Institution or Partner) please allow staff to assist you with the change to make sure your previous information transfers properly to the new category. 

Upgrade your Membership

Instead of renewing as an individual member ($195) or young professional member ($125) for the coming year, consider a government agency, corporate partner or educational institution membership.

 Government Agency Membership:

We are pleased to offer a simplified membership for government agencies at any level — national/federal, tribal, state/provincial, regional, county, city and town. The all-inclusive membership is designed specifically for jurisdictions with at least two GIS staff, whether in the same department or across a number of departments (assessor’s office, public health, planning, etc). It is an opportunity to streamline an agency’s URISA membership, while taking advantage of cost savings and efficiencies. 

If you have even one coworker who is currently a URISA member (or should be), the Government Agency membership is for you. The price for a Government Agency membership is $350 and includes membership for two individual members. Dues for two individual members from one jurisdiction would otherwise cost $390 ($195 each). Additional members may be added at a reduced fee of $150 (the regular annual dues fee for an individual member is $195) or $125 for young professionals. 

“When I approached the other individual URISA members from my county about the new government agency membership, there was no hesitation in agreeing for us to realize this amazing opportunity. Not only will we get a modest discount on our memberships but our organization will be represented in the greater GIS community through URISA. We all feel representing our organization in the larger URISA community is our responsibility as GIS Professionals and hopefully through our leadership other organizations will join in as well.”   — Doug Adams, GISP, GIS Program Manager, Department of Public Works, Baltimore County, Maryland

  • Government Agency members may also take advantage of an annual license for a URISA Certified Workshop for $250 (regularly priced at $1,000) to efficiently conduct on-site training (instructor, facility and material expenses not included). Perhaps your team would benefit from a full-day workshop covering GIS Strategic Planning or a half-day workshop on NG911 and the GIS Workflow
  • A primary contact must be named with each government agency membership. That individual will receive annual dues notices and notify URISA of changes to staff included on the agency’s membership. If you wish to upgrade from individual to the more efficient Government Agency membership, please gather the other renewal invoices from your coworkers and fill out the attached form with all individuals listed. Be sure to note the primary contact.

If you are employed by an Educational Institution, consider renewing for $400 which includes two faculty members and up to ten (10) students for $400. Additional dues for an unlimited number of student members are only $10/each.

If you work in the Private Sector, consider a URISA Corporate or Business Partner membership, to take advantage of benefits for individual staff members in addition to marketing benefits and increased visibility for your company.

Upgrade to an Organizational Membership:

Individual Membership Categories:

  • Professional Membership (annual dues $195) 
  • Student Membership (annual dues $20): Full-time students (applies to only those students who are currently enrolled as graduate students and have 9 credit hours or more or are undergrads and have 12 credit hours or more of courses).
  • Young Professional Membership (annual dues $125): For a number of years, URISA has demonstrated its commitment to Young Professionals through the introduction and support of the Vanguard Cabinet. To further appeal to the next leaders of the organization, URISA is pleased to announce a Young Professional Membership for $125/year – a $50 annual savings. This membership is valid for members, age 35 or under, and is limited to no more than five consecutive years of URISA membership.
  • If you are Retired or currently Unemployed, contact URISA for discounted dues rates.

Our educational programs, training, and professional advocacy efforts are only possible through your membership, involvement, and support.  

Printed invoices will be mailed in a few weeks. Help us save time and expense by renewing online!  

Any questions? Please reach out. Call the URISA office at (847) 824-6300 or email URISA staff at info@urisa.org.

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