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Barbara Hirsch Special Service Award

Presented to members or staff who have made special contributions to URISA. This award was created (in 2004) to honor URISA’s former Chief Financial Officer, Barbara Hirsch. Barb made her mark at URISA by being an exceptional professional who would always step forward when a point needed to be made, but never stepped to the front for recognition. It is in the spirit of this dedication that the Board of Directors has created an award for special service to URISA. This award will be given to individuals or committees who have shown a similar consummate level of service to URISA through an ongoing commitment to our success as an organization.

Past Recipients

1984 Phil Fulton
1989 Scott Hottman
1991 Charlotte MIS
1993 Tom Calhoun
1994 Chapter Task Force, Frederick Halfen
1995 Nancy Tosta, Jesse Winch
1996 H. Dennison Parker
1997 Josh Antenucci
1998 Anna Mae Scolaro
1999 Bernard Niemann, D. David Moyer, Kenneth J. Dueker
2000 Wendy Nelson
2001 Verlanda McBride
2002 Scott Grams
2003 Michele Meng
2004 URISA Staff
2005 Address Standards Committee: Martha Lombard, Hilary Perkins, Ed Wells, Carl Anderson and Sara Yurman
2006 Eric Bohard and the Website Task Force
2007 Allen Ibaugh, GISP
2008 Jochen Albrect and the URISA Leadership Academy Committee
2009 Claudia Paskauskas, GISP
2010 Michael Lovett, GISP
2011 Martin Roche
2012 Patricia Francis and URISA's GISCorps
2013 Ann Bishopp and Chapter Affiliation Negotiating Committee
(Cy Smith, Al Butler, Carl Anderson, Tripp Corbin, Teresa Townsend,
Amy Esnard, Paul Caris, Colin Gowens, Luke Boggess, and Sandra Crutcher)
2014 Ryan Bowe and Wendy Peloquin
2015 Core Documents Committee: Kevin Mickey, Dianne Haley, Glenn O'Grady and Ed Wells
2017 Core OneURISA Committee: Amy Esnard, Thomas Fisher, GISP, Cindy Post, GISP and Cy Smith, GISP
2018 Katie Morehead
2019 Kathrine Cargo
2020 Denise Freiberg

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