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Horwood Distinguished Service Award

An occasional award given for long-term service to URISA and the profession. This award is URISA’s ultimate award for service and leadership to URISA and within the geospatial industry. Awardees will have demonstrated significant contributions to both URISA and the geospatial technologies industry. The Horwood Distinguished Service Award is named after founding member and first URISA President, Edgar Horwood. Horwood was an early pioneer in the field of information systems for local government and admired by all for his intellectual and organizational contributions to URISA. Horwood was the Chair of the constitutional drafting committee, giving URISA the "open membership" model that has led to our inter-disciplinary organization.

Past Recipents: 

1975 Edgar Horwood
1979 Will Steger
1980 Bob Aangeenbrug
1985 Barry Wellar
1988 Jack Dangermond
1991 David Moyer
1993 William Craig
1994 Constance Blackmon
1995 William DeGroff
1996 Ben Nieman
1997 Ken Dueker
1999 William Huxhold
2001 Ed Crane
2002 Mike Kevany
2004 Donald Cooke
2005 Lyna Wiggins
2006 Peter Croswell, GISP
2007 Nancy von Meyer, GISP
2008 Peirce Eichelberger
2011 Martha McCart Wells, GISP
2012 David DiBiase, GISP
2014 Ed Wells, GISP
2015 Hilary Perkins, AICP, GISP
2016 Dianne Haley, GISP
2019  Rebecca Somers, GISP





















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