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Leadership Award

Presented to members who have demonstrated exemplary leadership to URISA, creativity, innovation, and dedicated support of URISA programs. The recipient should be a member of URISA for enough years to show a pattern of leadership. Typically the recipient will have been responsible for new programs or activities, or significantly enhanced an existing activity or program, so that it takes URISA in a new direction and/or enhances our standing in the professional community.

Past Recipients 

1978 Barry Wellar
1979 Steve Kinzy
1980 Dale Richmond, Robert Harper
1981 Tom Palmerlee
1982 Ben Cramer
1983 D. David Moyer
1984 Lee P. Johnston, MacDonald Barr
1985 Libby Clapp
1986 Michael J. Kevany, Constance C. Blackmon
1987 William Huxhold
1988 Robert H. Alexander
1989 William J. Craig
1990 William J. Bamberger
1991 John Antenucci
1992 Dan Parr
1993 Nancy von Meyer
1994 Nora Evans
1995 Sandra Crutcher and URISA's Industry Advisory Board
1996 David DiSera, Mary Tsui
1997 Peter Van DeMark, Don Evans
1998 Ed Crane, Lyna Wiggins
1999 Peter Croswell, Martha Lombard
2000 Nancy Lerner
2001 Hilary Perkins
2002 Joseph Ferreira, Jr., Nancy Tosta
2003 Shoreh Elhami
2004 Peirce Eichelberger
2005 Jack (Al) Butler

2006 Conference Chairs:
Integrating GIS & CAMA Conference Chair:Cindy Braddock
Geospatial Integration for Public Safety Conference Chair: Mike Walls
URISA 2006 Annual Conference Chair: Sandi Majewski
URISA 2006 Public Participation GIS Conference Chair: Melinda Laituri
URISA's 2006 Caribbean Conference Chair: Carolann Albury

2007 Dianne Haley
2008 Kenneth Dueker, Cindy Domenico 
2009 Ingrid Bruce
2010 Geney Terry
2011 Allen Ibaugh
2012 Greg Babinski
2013 Barry Wellar, Cy Smith
2014 Tripp Corbin
2015 Bruce Joffe and Kim McDonough
2016 Amy Esnard and Al Little

Kathrine Cargo, Ashley Hitt, and Martin Roche


Kevin Mickey


Brent Jones


Thomas Fisher

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