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Service Award

Presented to members who have demonstrated faithful service to URISA and participation in its program over a period of several years. This award is for specific service to URISA. It should require a significant number of years of (not necessarily consecutive) service in a number of programs or committees, and a willingness to take on challenges without regard to the potential for recognition.

Past Recipients

1979 Samuel Trotter, William DeGroff, John Scoggins, Myron Weiner 
1980 Joyce Annicello, Bill Hanna, Clark Rogers
1981 SIGGEO (Wm. Huxhold)
1982 D. David Moyer, Rolf Schmitt
1983 Robert V. Hurst
1984 HDR Systems
1985 Irene Wreen, Rolf Schmitt
1986 Robert Johnson
1987 Rebecca Somers
1988 Laurel J. McKay, Mark J. Salling
1989 Randolf Gschwind
1990 Barbara Bell, Wayne Bannister
1991 Bijan Azad
1992 Matt Beckstedt
1993 Liam Barry, David Matson, Mary Tsui
1994 Robert J. Lima, William Mumbleau
1995 Tom Tribble, Hilary Perkins, Nancy Lerner
1996 Tom Clemons, Barry Wellar, Elaine Whitehead
1997 Tony Leno, Donald G. Baker
1998 Stuart Challender, Jury Konga
1999 Zorica Nedovic-Budic, Dianne Haley
2000 Mark Salling, William Bowdy
2001 Kim McDonough, Kathrine Cargo
2002 Sanjiv Gandhi, Harlan Onsrud
2003 URISA Certification Committee
2004 Anne Payne, Ed Wells
2005 Nigel Roberts, Steve Ventura
2006 Juna Papajorgji
2007 Michael Lovett, Lynda Wayne
2008 C. David Hawker, Bruce Joffe
2009 Carl Anderson
2010 Karen Brandt, Mark Sievers
2011 Sandi Majewski
2012 Karen Stewart and Ken Sipos
2013 Al Little and the Vanguard Steering Committee
(Clare Brown; Amy Esnard; Hilary Perkins)
2014 M. Glenn O'Grady
2015 Keri Brennan
2016 Ed Crane and Luke Boggess
2017 Doug Adams
2018 Stephen Berry, Christina Boggs-Chavira, Alex Hepp, Wendy Peloquin
2019 Judy Colby-George, John Nolte, Jane Schafer-Kramer
2020 URISA's Vanguard Cabinet, Ashley Hitt, Bryan Townsend, Matt Gerike

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