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What a great CalGIS 2020 in Long Beach! - February 9-11, 2020

Review Program Agenda: Workshops and training and more than 70 speakers presenting on important topics ranging from NG9-1-1 and Artificial Intelligence to High Speed Rail and Personal Branding for GIS Professionals.


We were honored to welcome Governor Martin O'Malley as our Opening Keynote Speaker.  In addition, we were pleased to present this important conversation, over lunch on Monday, February 10: 
Smarter Government for the Information Age, leveraging geospatial capacity to improve decision-making
A Fireside Chat with: 

  • Martin O’Malley, former Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore
  • Michael Wilkening, Special Advisor on Innovation and Digital Services to Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Amy Tong, Chief Information Officer (CIO), State of California

Moderated by Terri Carbaugh, Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs, Brandman University

This special event brought together the unique perspectives of three current and former State executives to discuss how geospatial governance, data and methods can be most effectively structured and leveraged to more effectively support integrated, data driven decisions in State and local government to support better decision-making. Video of the session is forthcoming. 

CalGIS 2020 Student Competition winners:

Best Student Poster

  • First Place: Sasa Arsic, Claremont Graduate University. Title: “The Application of GeoAI to Identify Qanat Locations: An Assessment of Deep Learning Techniques Using ArcGIS Pro”.
  • Second Place: Alissa Goldberg, California State University – Channel Islands. Title: “Utilizing Drone and Mapping Technology in Western Snowy Plover Conservation”.

Best Student Web Map/Web App

  • First Place – Daniel Jones, Humboldt State University. Title: “ArcCollector Spillway Inspection Workflow for the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District”.
  • Second Place – Thomas Crimmel, University of California-Santa Barbara/MesoAmerican Research Center. Title: “Using web mapping to circulate data on archaeological research at El Pilar”.

The URISA chapters in California  and the California Geographic Information Association, come together every year to present CalGIS.


Stay tuned for details about next year's CalGIS and opportunities to participate. 

Event Hosts

"CalGIS presents excellent opportunities to network with friendly fellow professionals and to have a nice time while doing so. Organizers and attendees are generally approachable and enthusiastic about discussing their work and ideas. The conference is a perfect opportunity to see how people in a wide variety of fields are using GIS to accomplish intriguing and important goals. And as a student new to the field, I found CalGIS to be a welcoming and educational window into the profession." (Allen Dailey, CalGIS 2019 attendee)

"It was like being in a room full of people like me, just excited to nerd out about GIS applications!
Everyone is so friendly and approachable. This was a beneficial and fun experience. Can't wait until next year." (A.M., CalGIS 2019 attendee)

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