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GIS Professional Certification

URISA helps you achieve and retain your GISP Certification.

URISA is the founding member of the GIS Certification Institute, the organization that administers professional certification for the field and is dedicated to advancing the industry.

In 1998, URISA created a Certification Committee. Following several years of discussion and thousands of hours of work, the Committee finalized its portfolio-based certification program for GIS professionals (GISPs) in the summer of 2003. Along with a GIS Code of Ethics (adopted by the URISA Board of Directors, April 2003) , the program was adopted by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) and is the basis for GIS professional certification. GISCI is the independent certifying body that was created to manage the program. 

The purpose of the GIS Certification Institute is to provide GIS professionals with a formal process that will:

  • Allow them to be recognized by their colleagues and peers as having demonstrated professional competence and integrity in the field
  • Establish and maintain high standards of both professional practice and ethical conduct
  • Encourage aspiring GIS professionals to work towards certification for the purpose of professional development and advancement
  • Encourage established GIS professionals to continue to sharpen their professional skills and ethical performance even as GIS technology changes

Solely a portfolio-based program for more than a decade, GISCI announced a major change to the program in 2015. Those professionals applying for their initial GISP certification would be required to take and pass the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam in addition to meeting the current standards for certification via a portfolio based review based on ethics agreement, education, experience, and professional contributions. 

URISA is committed to providing its members with ample educational resources and opportunities for contribution to help its members achieve and retain their GIS Professional Certification. Presenting papers at or attending URISA conferences; teaching or attending URISA workshops; volunteering on a URISA committee; and simply being a member of URISA earns education and contribution points towards GISCI Certification. 

URISA's Professional Education Committee is continuously working on resources to support individuals with their exam preparation efforts. From webinars (see below), workshops and presentations to a full focused program track and full-day workshop at the GIS-Pro conference, URISA is here for you.

Preparing for GISP Certification Webinar

Originally Presented on April 3 & 4, 2018

The GISP has become a respected and in-demand indication of your skills as a GIS professional. If you are pursuing the GISP credential, or are thinking of doing so, join us on April 3 and 4, 2018 for a six-hour, two day virtual event, as a group of talented GIS experts share valuable information that can increase your chance of success.

Information presented in this webinar was designed to help professionals who have extensive GIS education and experience, but need to know what topics to review prior to taking the exam.   It also helped individuals with some GIS experience that may be lacking in one or more areas covered by the exam and that need to know where to find additional resources to study.

Earning the GISP credential requires successfully completing an exam as well as a number of other application requirements. 

Day one (Tuesday, April 3) explored the reasons that the GISP credential is worth pursuing as well as what is involved in completing each part of the application. 

Day two (Wednesday, April 4) explored the topics that you need to be familiar with for each of the knowledge areas covered by the GISP exam.


Free GISP Preparation Q&A Opportunity - Coming Soon!

The popular URISA ‘Preparing for GISP Certification’ workshop has already been attended by hundreds of new as well as experienced professionals interested in obtaining their GISP credential.   Now we are offering an opportunity for you to engage in a Q&A session with the designers and presenters of this workshop in two, one hour sessions in which you can ask any questions that you have about what is expected in the portfolio application process as well as how you can best prepare for taking the GISP Exam.   When you sign up for these sessions, you will be provided with a link to previously recorded webinars that walk you through the process of preparing for certification.  After viewing the videos you can then come to the Q&A sessions and ask any questions you may have about information presented in the recordings or about any other topic related to the GISP credentialing process.  

The first session will cover the Portfolio preparation process.  The second will address topics such as what is covered in the exam and strategies for receiving a passing exam score.

These sessions are FREE to attend, but registration is both limited and required. 

Stay tuned for dates and registration.  

Visit www.gisci.org for complete program details.


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