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Chapter Essentials

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Chapter Essentials

URISA, through its international and local chapter network, reaches at least 8,000 spatial information management professionals. Getting and staying connected is key to our members' professional development and URISA Chapters provide an important local connection. Chapter leaders very frequently rise through the volunteer ranks and serve in a leadership capacity for the parent organization. If you look through the list of past URISA presidents, members of the board, and award winners... most of them are previous chapter leaders!

Chapter Advisory Board

In 1992, URISA established a Chapter Relations Committee to promote the health and growth of regional chapters. The CRC was reconstituted to a Chapter Advisory Board in recent years. 

Purpose and Scope: The Chapter Advisory Board provides governance, communication, and support by and between URISA and its chapters. The Chapter Advisory Board has five specific responsibilities:

  1. Maintain contact with active chapters through electronic mail, phone calls, and quarterly conference calls.
  2. Provide information and assistance requested by chapter leaders, support new chapter development, and evaluate requests for affiliate status.
  3. Communicate chapter needs to the URISA Board, and recommend Board actions.
  4. Train and support chapter leaders by conducting the annual Chapter Leaders Forum and maintaining the Chapter Leader's Manual.
  5. Issue the Outstanding Chapter Award (annual award to recognize innovation, education, outreach and community impact).

Chapter Representation and Board Structure. Each chapter as well as the URISA Board shall appoint a representative to the Chapter Advisory Board, The term of service for the URISA Board representative shall be one year. The term of service of each chapter representative is to be determined at the discretion of the chapter. Each member of the Chapter Advisory Board shall be a member of URISA in good standing and of the chapter he or she represents. Each year the Chapter Advisory Board shall select a Chair Elect from among its members, who shall serve successive one-year terms as the Vice-Chair, Chair, and Past Chair over a three-year period. 

Committee-specific Policies and Procedures. Additional Chapter Advisory Board policies and procedures are given in the Chapter Leaders Manual.

The CAB holds regular conference calls and meets during the Chapter Leaders Forum at the Annual Conference. URISA funds some of the costs associated with CRC conference calls and meetings.

2017-2018 Chapter Advisory Board Chair: Cindy Post, URISA Alberta Chapter

Chapter Leaders' Manual (note that this version will be substantially revised and updated as OneURISA is implemented.)

Outstanding Chapter Award

Each year, URISA recognizes an outstanding Chapter that has sponsored particularly effective activities or has otherwise excelled in serving its membership. Outstanding Chapter Award criteria include:

  • Innovation
  • Outreach
  • Education
  • Community Impact

Outstanding Chapter Award History

  • 2017 - Texas
  • 2016 - Louisiana
  • 2015 - Georgia
  • 2014 - Caribbean
  • 2013 - New England
  • 2012 - Chicagoland
  • 2011 - Ontario
  • 2010 - Oregon
  • 2009 - Northern Rockies
  • 2008 - Carolina
  • 2007 - Georgia
  • 2006 - Washington State 
  • 2005 - British Columbia
  • 2004 - Southern California, Florida
  • 2003 - Ontario
  • 2002 - Georgia
  • 2001 - Oregon
  • 2000 - Alberta
  • 1999 - Southern California
  • 1998 - BAAMA
  • 1997 - Midwest Gateway
  • 1996 - Ontario
  • 1995 - Rocky Mountain Chapter

URISA Headquarters' Support for Chapters:  URISA's Headquarters' Office is pleased to offer support to its chapters in numerous ways. 


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