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Call for URISA Workshop Proposals

URISA Workshops are well-known in the GIS Community for being comprehensive, vendor-neutral, and valuable educational opportunities.

URISA’s Professional Education Materials Committee (PEMC) is soliciting new workshops for development and for possible presentation at GIS-Pro: URISA's Annual Conference, chapter and regional conferences and as stand-alone educational offerings.  We are soliciting new workshop (and webinar) topics from the membership for courses to be developed.  

Consider topics such as those listed below (this list is by no means comprehensive, just suggestions):

  • Data Quality Management/Metadata
  • GIS for Elected Officials
  • Web - all topics
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Application Scripting and Development
  • Use of LIDAR
  • Integration with other business solutions and technologies; system resiliency
  • CAD/GIS Integration

Content Delivery Formats: 

  • Workshops: (In person: 8-hour or 4 hour or 2- hour virtual delivery)
    Typical course presentation delivered in a conference setting. Generally consists of course material in the form of PowerPoint slides. Requires approximately 6.5 hours of material to fill a full-day session; 3-3.5 hours of material for a half-day session; and 1-1.5 hours of material for a two-hour virtual session. The best workshops include activities and case studies. Consider incorporating team activities and discussion, peer to peer sharing and other ways to promote active learning.
  • Webinars: 60-90 minute topics delivered virtually – simple online presentations on topics of current interest.

All proposals must include specific Learning Outcomes, which describe what the learner will be able to do upon successful completion of a unit of study.  Outcomes use active verbs, are measurable, and are often stated as “Upon completion, the student should know…”.  Properly stated outcomes define assessment questions allowing the learner’s knowledge to be tested or measured.

Criteria: Proposers and instructors must be URISA members. If accepted, a workshop must be presented with a minimum of two instructors (webinars may be proposed with one instructor). The workbook may not be copyrighted by the author or contain proprietary materials which may preclude URISA's use of the workbook/workshop at other URISA conferences and an instructors guide must be generated along with the course for additional instructors to utilize. If interested in submitting a proposal, follow the schedule and steps below.


Online Workshop Proposal Form 

For questions or more information please contact Wendy Nelson

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