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GIS Management Resources

URISA supports organizations and the individuals who manage their GIS.  

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  • GIS Leadership Academy - respected five day GIS leadership and management training program, currently taught three times a year in various locations. 
  • Managing GIS Column in Esri's ArcNews - since 2007, URISA leaders have been contributing a column to Esri's ArcNews publication, focused on all aspects of GIS management. 
  • GIS Capability Maturity Model
  • GIS Management Handbook  
  • New, Free Resource
    This report summarizes the results of a broad survey of GIS program management practices conducted by URISA in 2019. The original purpose of the survey was to support work of the URISA GIS Management Institute (GMI), a URISA Committee whose responsibilities now fall under URISA’s Professional Education Committee. The original idea for the survey was proposed during business meetings at the 2018 URISA GIS-Pro Conference (October 2018). Professional literature includes useful descriptions of the management practices of individual GIS programs and some good studies comparing a small number of GIS programs. But there is no existing source of detailed information about a large sample of GIS programs. This lack of a comprehensive “knowledge base” on GIS management practices was a key reason for undertaking this survey.

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Other Resources: 

Geospatial Management Competency Model (GMCM): The Geospatial Management Competency Model (GMCM) identifies 74 competencies within 18 competency areas for GIS Management. It is a tier of the Geospatial Technical Competency Model, the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration’s (DOLETA’s) Competency Modeling Initiative.


GIS&T Body of Knowledge: This Body of Knowledge documents the domain of geographic information science and its associated technologies (GIS&T). By providing this content in a new digital format, UCGIS aims to continue supporting the GIS&T higher education community and its connections with the practitioners, employers, and clients who comprise the increasingly diverse collection of GIS&T professionals.

URISA is working on several more initiatives to help organizations with their GIS management operations. These include:

  • Development of GIS Management Best Practices and Body of Knowledge
  • GIS Management-related professional education
  • Expansion of GIS Management information dissemination
  • Promotion of awareness and adoption of GIS management best practices by organizations and GIS professionals


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