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2015 Call for Educational Content Announced

Published Wednesday, January 14, 2015 2:00 pm

Do you enjoy teaching/presenting? Want to help transfer knowledge to the greater GIS community?  URISA is seeking new educational content for presentation virtually, at conferences, as online short courses and as stand-alone events. We are broadening our focus from just workshops to webinars, online courses and study guides. 

Types of Course Delivery Formats for Consideration:

  • Workshop: typical course presentation delivered in a conference setting.  Generally consists of course material in the form of PowerPoint slides.  Requires approximately 6.5 hours of material to fill a full-day session; 3-3.5 hours of material for a half-day session; and 1-1.5 hours of material for a two-hour session.
  • Online Courses:
    • Synchronous – a paced course with established start and finish dates.  Course has an active instructor to assist students and grade assignments that may be required to assess progress and understanding of the material.
    • Asynchronous – a self-paced course that the student may start and finish according to their own schedule.  May be set up with discussion forums so students can discuss items amongst themselves and/or pose questions for clarification to a course instructor/monitor.
  • Webinars:
    •  60-90 minute ad hoc topics – simple online presentations on topics of current interest.  
    •  Online multi-day course presentations – may be used as a means to present courses designed as 4- or 8-hour workshops over 2-3 days.

  • Study Guides: may be used to present course material as a written textbook.  These may be completely standalone and made available for purchase.  Study guides are also recommended as support documents for workshops to provide students with a reference document covering workshop material rather than a workbook made up of the PowerPoint slides.

  • Course Series: material broken out into a series of courses such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  This format may be applied to any of the other formats described above.

All proposals must include specific Learning Outcomes, which describe what the learner will be able to do upon successful completion of a unit of study.  Outcomes use active verbs, are measurable, and are often stated as “Upon completion, the student should know…”.  Properly stated outcomes define assessment questions allowing the learner’s knowledge to be tested or measured.

For details, suggested topics and an online submission form, click here.

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