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URISA Board Election Results Announced

Published Friday, September 16, 2016

URISA is pleased to announce the results of its 2016 URISA Board of Directors’ election. Teresa Townsend will serve in the position of President-Elect and James Armstrong, Brent Jones and Robert Kirkman  will serve as Directors. They will all begin their three-year terms at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2016 in Toronto this November.

President-Elect: Teresa Townsend, AICP, Planning Communities, Raleigh, North Carolina

  Teresa Townsend will serve as President-Elect for one year and her term as President will begin at the conclusion of the 2017 conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Teresa has previously served on the board (2011-2014) and is excited to rejoin the board in her new role. “I am very honored to have been elected to this position and excited to join my friends and colleagues on the Board and throughout the organization to continue to grow and strengthen URISA from the great organization that it already is! This is an exciting time for URISA and the GIS profession. I encourage you all to participate and share your ideas, challenges and opportunities to make URISA a stronger and better organization for our members and the community. Thank you very much for the opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you soon!”

URISA Board of Directors:

James Armstrong, GISP, MGIST
Spatial Relationships LLC
Boston, Massachusetts


Brent Jones, PE, PLS
Global Manager, Land Records/Cadastre
Vienna, Virginia

Robert Kirkman, GISP
Enterprise Services Manager
Portland Metro
Portland, Oregon

Tripp Corbin, GISP was elected by the membership as President-Elect last year and will begin his term as President of the association at the conclusion of the Toronto conference.

At the close of GIS-Pro 2016 in Toronto, the terms of service for these URISA Board members will conclude and we thank them all, in advance, for their amazing dedication and service to URISA:


Immediate Past-President:
Carl Anderson, GISP
Create I.O
Brandenton, Florida

https://asoft4198.accrisoft.com/urisa/clientuploads/directory/Photos/Hitt Ashley_comp.jpg

Ashley Hitt, GISP
Connected Nation
Louisville, Kentucky

Jochen Albrecht, GISP 
Hunter College
Department of Geography
New York, NY


Amy Esnard, GISP
Elevon Solutions
Hood River, Oregon


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