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GIS-Pro 2017 Supports GISP Certification Goals

Published Tuesday, July 18, 2017

URISA's GIS-Pro 2017 in Jacksonville, Florida will provide an opportunity to enhance your GISP application (or recertification) and prepare for the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam®.

Since 1963, URISA has been fostering excellence in GIS, by connecting people and resources in our geospatial community. URISA’s annual GIS-Pro event is THE conference for GIS professionals, with offerings and solutions for professionals at all stages of their careers.

Are you planning to take the GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam®? 

  • GIS-Pro 2017 will help you prepare for the exam with a program track specifically focused on GISP exam fundamentals. This is your chance to learn the key subjects areas in the Body of Knowledge that was used to develop the exam and learn tips to help you prepare for the exam itself. 

Are you working on your GISP application portfolio? 

  • GIS-Pro 2017 provides educational opportunities with eight full and half-day workshops on a variety of geospatial topics that will earn you valuable GISP points, in addition to education points for attending the full conference. There are also sessions dedicated to GISP portfolio development and important ethical considerations.

Are you a young professional getting started in your GIS career? 

  • URISA understands the importance of young professionals to the future of the profession, so we created a GIS-Pro 2017 track with a focus on Generation Z. This program track will help our next generation of professionals learn and prepare for working and succeeding in our industry.

Are you a manager looking to enhance your GIS leadership skills? 

  • Many of us may be managers in our career, but are we truly leaders in our profession? GIS-Pro 2017 has a program track for GIS leadership and management that offers insights into organizational GIS, enhancing your staff, strategic planning, and more — all providing valuable GISP points that will help with your recertification needs.

What are you waiting for? URISA’s GIS-Pro 2017 has everything you need to get your GISP certification for the first time AND continue earning points and incorporating essential knowledge into your recertification.

Learn more and register today for GIS-Pro 2017, THE Conference for GIS Professionals: http://www.gis-pro.org  


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