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2019 URISA Board Election Results Announced

Published Thursday, August 1, 2019 7:00 am

URISA is pleased to announce the results of its 2019 URISA Board of Directors’ election. Kevin Mickey will serve in the position of President-Elect and Tom Fisher, Susan Kamei and John Nolte will serve as Directors. They will all begin their three-year terms at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Kevin Mickey, GISP, Director Professional Development and Geospatial Technologies Education, The Polis Center-IUPUI, Indianapolis, Indiana 

"I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve URISA’s membership as President-Elect. URISA has had a long and successful history as a leader in the GIS community. Through its work, GIS professionals have found the guidance and support to further their own careers as well as to help others achieve success.

URISA has also served as an important voice in guiding many decisions that have impacted how GIS is practiced.As our profession continues to evolve, URISA must continue to serve its members as well as the broader GIS community in these ways and more. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and skilled group of leaders and volunteers who are committed to ensuring that URISA fulfills its potential.

I look forward to working with this team as we guide URISA into a bright and productive future."

Kevin will serve as President-Elect for one year and his term as President will begin at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2020 in Baltimore.

Newly-elected URISA Board of Directors:

Thomas Fisher, AICP, GISP
GIS Applications Administrator
Cuyahoga County
Cleveland, Ohio

Susan Kamei
Managing Director
USC Spatial Sciences Institute
Los Angeles, California

John Nolte, GISP
GIS Manager
Denver Water
Denver, Colorado

Keri Brennan, GISP, DataMark Product Manager, Michael Baker International, Indianapolis, Indiana

Keri Brennan was elected by the membership as President-Elect last year and will begin her term as President of URISA at the conclusion of GIS-Pro 2019.

At the close of GIS-Pro 2019 in New Orleans, the terms of service for these URISA Board members will conclude and we thank them all, in advance, for their amazing dedication and service to URISA:

Immediate Past-President:
Teresa Townsend, AICP
Planning Communities
Raleigh, North Carolina

James Armstrong, AICP, GISP
Spatial Relationships LLC
Boston, Massachusetts

Brent Jones, PLS
Vienna, Virginia

Robert Kirkman, GISP
Portland, Oregon


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