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Cityworks provides users with a web GIS-centric solution that helps them manage, track, and analyze your infrastructure maintenance and risk assessment. Cityworks includes an integrated permitting and community services management system to include activities done across residential, commercial, and other community infrastructure.

Since 1996, Cityworks | Azteca Systems, LLC has created and designed public asset management software for cities, counties, utilities, and authorities (i.e. local government). Cityworks pioneered the web GIS-centric paradigm and approach for public asset management to help organizations improve service and maintain the public infrastructure. Cityworks is a major software system used by organizations throughout North America and Internationally for managing utilities, public works, parks, planning and development, and airports. Daily, Cityworks is used by over 40,000 public sector employees to service and maintain the vital public assets for communities with a combined population of more than 80 million people.

For more information please go to cityworks.com 





Since 1969, Esri® has been helping organizations map and model our world. Esri’s GIS software tools and methodologies enable them to effectively analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions.  They are supported by our experienced and knowledgeable staff and extensive network of business partners and international distributors. A full-service GIS company, Esri supports the implementation of GIS technology on the desktop, servers, online services, and mobile devices. These GIS solutions are flexible, customizable, and easy to use.

Esri software is used by hundreds of thousands of organizations who apply GIS to solve problems and make our world a better place to live. We pay close attention to our users to ensure they have the best tools possible to accomplish their missions.  A comprehensive suite of training options offered worldwide helps our users fully leverage their GIS.

Esri is a socially conscious business, actively supporting organizations involved in education, conservation, sustainable development, and humanitarian affairs.


Gold Corporate Partner

Michael Baker International

Since 1940, Michael Baker International has built its global legacy – and full continuum of solutions – on a diverse culture of innovation.

Solving our clients’ most complex challenges often requires new ideas, new processes, new technologies – new solutions where none existed previously. Our success always has drawn on the collaborative creativity of our dedicated employees, who leverage our diverse backgrounds, expertise, experience and can-do attitudes to make the communities we serve safer, more accessible, more environmentally sustainable, and more livable.

The result: a growing portfolio of exclusive innovations at Michael Baker that add significant dimension and value to our ability to deliver our full continuum of solutions. Michael Baker innovations – and the innovators behind them – serve as game-changing differentiators in the industry and demonstrate once again how We Make a Difference for our clients and the communities we serve.

  • A suite of products and services to support the NG9-1-1 call-routing environment
    Michael Baker International's DataMark suite of software solutions and services support public safety answering points (PSAPs) and their GIS stakeholders in this mission critical transition. DataMark solves upgrade challenges, helps improve public-safety communications and ensures the data meets the precise NG9-1-1 requirements. The software considers all aspects of the data that is provisioned to a NG9-1-1 system (data creation, clean up, quality and maintenance workflows). With extensive expertise in GIS and public safety, Michael Baker can help GIS departments determine what they need to do in order to support NG9-1-1.
  • GIS-based mobile app for managing infrastructure assets
    Michael Baker International engineers created a mobile phone-based computer software platform, MICAP (Mobile Infraction Capture) to collect and analyze data and images over broad geographic areas to help monitor utility equipment for changes and compliance problems. The GIS-based MICAP platform provides access to licensed data, as well as the collection and analysis of new data and images, delivering an improved workflow interface for managing assessments, repairs, and geographic changes to infrastructure assets. It is designed for state agencies, municipalities, utility companies, land developers and other engineering firms that need to effectively monitor and manage utility poles, underground cables, utility pipelines, bridges, runway infrastructure and other assets. MICAP is free and available via the App Store and Google Play.
  • Local watershed assessment at the push of a button
    iWATR (Integrated Watershed Assessment Tool for Restoration) is a mobile app-based innovation developed by Michael Baker International’s water services team to add speed, capability – and value ̶ to provide an easy-to-use assessment tool for any city, county or state planner across the U.S. to develop or better manage local land. The app combines GPS features and data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other government sources, to compile local data at the push of a few buttons. It tabulates a comprehensive assessment, and provides several solution options with cost estimates to solve specific water quality-impairment problems in watershed areas.
  • Analyzing bridge data with ease
    iUSBridges, is a geographic information system (GIS)-based app that allows users to locate nearby bridges, explore details of those bridges, save information on favorite bridges, and share feedback. iUSBridges uses data retrieved from the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) National Bridge Inventory. State departments of transportation provide updated bridge information on a cyclical basis to the FHWA.

For more information, click here.


 Silver Corporate Partners



Cyclomedia Technology, Inc.

Phone: 800-790-3652
Email: usa@cyclomedia.com

Cyclomedia is the market leader in systematic imaging of large-scale environments from cities to complete countries. Cyclomedia’s smart imagery solution creates Cycloramas – 360-degree panoramic photos – with high accuracy, providing current and clear views of street-level environments.

The Cyclomedia recording system is like no other. It uses patented technology to determine the exact position and orientation of every picture taken. By creating a dense network of geometric street images, Cycloramas are always focused on the correct address or feature from multiple vantage points.  

Our solution revolutionizes the way asset and property assessment is managed and reported. It reduces field visits and provides accurate feature measurements with convenient spot-checking. It simplifies maintenance and enables automated inventory and controlled processes. It also saves valuable resources while simplifying the decision-making process, improving operations and increasing efficiency.

We provide ready-made solutions throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Our technology is widely used in government GIS, public safety, and security markets, as well as in construction, infrastructure management, and insurance.

We provide a full range of services related to 3D mobile mapping. Data is captured and delivered worldwide.

Our primary market segments include:

  • Property Taxation, Appraisal, and Building Inspection
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Management
  • Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Engineering and Construction Planning

Cyclomedia offers the following licensed products:


  • Cycloramas – Seamless, accurate 360° panos taken at street-level with our patented recording technology.

Viewer Software

  • GlobeSpotter – Our feature-rich web app for viewing Cycloramas that runs on any browser supporting Flash.
  • GlobeSpotter for ArcGIS Desktop – The power of GlobeSpotter inside Esri’s leading GIS software.

Hosting Solutions

  • GlobeSpotter Cloud – Secure, scalable hosting service managed by Cyclomedia that’s free to customers.
  • GlobeSpotter Server – Locally hosted option supporting all Cyclomedia’s content and software.

Developer Tools

  • GlobeSpotter API – Integrate GlobeSpotter components into your user’s existing business workflow.
  • Panoramic Rendering Service – Extract pictures for reports and texture map buildings with Cycloramas.

Data Transfer Solutions

Headquartered in Orlando, DTS is a leader in asset management, geographic information systems, and transportation planning. We specialize in creating solutions to help clients automate their worlds, reduce their workload and organize their data through customized technology.

DTS is comprised of seven divisions, each with its own scope of services. Often however, a single project spans several divisions before completion because we uniquely offer all the necessary cutting-edge services, integrated within one company.




EagleView® is the unparalleled provider of Pictometry® Imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions serving the commercial, government and public utility sectors. The company’s patented image capture processes and 3D modeling algorithms coupled with property-centric analytic tools empower end-user workflows with scalable, efficient and highly accurate answer sets in support of property claims, risk management, construction, emergency response, assessment, corridor mapping and more.


Bronze Corporate Partners

Clark Nexsen

  • Partnership: We believe partnership — with our clients, with our colleagues, and with our communities — is fundamental to the effective pursuit of transformative design. Our transdisciplinary team of planners, architects, engineers, and interior designers partners with our clients to shape ideas that transform our world.
  • Discovery: Our clients benefit from a process forged over nearly a century of design practice delivering projects that solve real problems. Uncovering innovative solutions is the result of our iterative, collaborative process, undertaken with our clients to discover truly exceptional ideas.
  • Transformation: We believe ideas have the power to transform the world. As design professionals, it is our social responsibility to advance our communities through innovative, sustainable design. We see design as more than steel and glass; more than concrete and brick; more than lines on paper. At every intersection of every discipline we offer, our focus is on creating spaces and experiences that profoundly impact the lives of those who interact with them.
  • Our Story: When Pendleton Clark, FAIA, founded our firm in 1920, his days were spent reimagining spaces for institutional clients, and perhaps only in his dreams did he envision the firm that exists today: a fully integrated architecture and engineering firm with nearly 400 employees, 10 offices, a global reputation for excellence, and clients large and small, in markets ranging from infrastructure to K-12. Since our founding, the firm has emphasized measured growth and financial stability, strategically moving into new markets and locations to create a company our clients can rely on today and in the future.
  • Leadership in Action: Our clients are at the center of everything we do — from principal-level involvement on every project, to targeted leadership and professional development opportunities for our team members, to our top-down emphasis on collaborative problem solving. We are committed to making choices that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Our full-service capabilities include:

  • Architecture
  •  Landscape Architecture
  • Master Planning
  • Interior Design
  • Lab Planning
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Waterfront Engineering
  • Telecommunications Engineering
  • Transportation/Traffic Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Commissioning
  • Facilities Assessment
  • Design-Build Delivery
  • Historic Properties Applications & Research
  • Renderings, Models, Computer/Video Presentations

Learn more: Featured Projects 

Evari GIS Consulting

Evari GIS Consulting, Inc. (Evari) was founded in 2009 with the mission of providing high quality, custom GIS solutions for municipal projects. Evari has a wide array of project experience supporting municipalities, utilities, and energy service companies, providing As-Needed GIS support for Transportation, Civil Engineering, Storm Water, Undergrounding Master Planning, Street Lighting and Planning projects. Evari is driven to innovate, employing GIS to streamline data management, empower field crews with mobile GIS technology, and facilitate Smart City, IoT solutions. With a focus on producing clear, accurate and valuable data, maps and figures, Evari’s provides its clients with effective decision-making and project communication tools. Evari leverages the Esri Technology Stack (ArcGIS) and the Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing platform for a broad range of municipal GIS applications.




Since 1986, GeoDecisions has partnered with clients throughout the U.S. and abroad to design, develop, and deploy leading edge, disruptive GIS tools and applications that improve decision-making. Backed by Gannett Fleming, our rock-solid engineering parent company established in 1915, we combine the best talent and resources from across our firm to deliver the best business solutions.

Planning, budgeting, managing assets and data, and optimizing resources are critically important in today’s global economy. At GeoDecisions, we provide the data management and mapping technology tools and products that help clients successfully navigate change. Our geospatial information technology (IT) offerings empower organizations to make more informed business decisions and improve their bottom line.

Partnering with industry leaders such as Esri, our turnkey approach encompasses strategic planning and implementation design all the way through system integration and testing. Our foundation for success is based on the belief that the true power of GIS lies in the integration of diverse information technologies, data formats, and systems. From cloud computing and mobile technologies to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings built on the Esri® platform, our location-based IT solutions provide next-generation reporting, visibility, and analytics.

GeoDecisions believes that all IT projects require vision and considerable leadership to be completed successfully, on time, and on budget. By championing a philosophy vested in partnering, collaboration, and shared goals, GeoDecisions’ staff makes every effort to work with all parties who will use a system. We strive to recommend the best-fit solutions for our clients, based on the balance of available funding and personnel versus desired functionality.

GeoDecisions is ISO 9001:2008-certified and employs more than 80 IT and geographic information system (GIS) professionals operating out of 9 offices. Our staff is engaged in IT consulting and in the design, development, and deployment of data repositories and geospatial and Web-enabled information management systems. GeoDecisions IT solutions are flexible, scalable, and resusable.

Our business specialties benefit the logistics and fleet management, insurance and financial, municipal and facility asset management, transportation, and utility markets.

Our team includes subject matter experts with advanced certifications who keep their fingers on the pulse of geospatial technology. Through industry leadership, ongoing training, and a unique blend of talent, GeoDecisions professionals work to exceed client expectations every day. Our vision identifies and mitigates risk, resulting in more effective project collaboration, on-time delivery, and success.





As a leader in GIS/IT, Environmental Solutions, Engineering, and Surveying, VESTRA has the depth of know-how and experience to help clients achieve success. VESTRA, an employee-owned corporation dating back to 1988, prides itself on our local presence and commitment to the community. Our mission is to be our clients’ most-valued consultant by providing cost-effective, innovative, and technically superior project solutions. Whatever your current or future needs, VESTRA’s full-service resources are available to support you on your next critical project.

Business Partners

AmigoCloud - Welcome New Business Partner!

Based in San Francisco with an additional location in Lima, Peru, AmigoCloud was founded by a team of GIS experts in 2013 to empower companies and individuals to collect, manage, visualize, and analyze location data to better understand their business and reveal and hidden patterns to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

AmigoCloud has developed the first Collaborative Mapping Platform, offering two products, amigoCollect and amigoPlatform. amigoCollect is a mobile application, built for Android and iOS devices, that helps your field crew collect data, whether online or offline, and collaborate with as many people as your team needs.

With a streamlined and quick workflow, you can collect, storage, transform, enrich, visualize, and analyze data as well as easily create, embed, and publish meaningful maps. We reduce, and in some cases completely eliminate, mapping workflows that would normally take several days or weeks. Our software is designed to require no GIS training or any other kind of specialized hardware.

amigoPlatform enables companies to build a custom mapping solution, analyze big location data and real-time data, even a petabyte scale, and add location intelligence
to your own software.

A powerful enterprise-ready platform to manage from remote sensing data and satellite imagery to Internet of Things data coming from sensors.


Applied Ecology, Inc.

Located in Brevard County, Applied Ecology is knowledgeable and experienced in working with clients in the central and south Florida area. Our location has allowed us to be highly involved in the Indian River Lagoon TDML process, and preserving some of the most precious natural resources of the Tampa Bay and Indian River Lagoon estuaries. We serve municipalities and other businesses that cater to public clients and are experts in their fields.
Applied Ecology, Inc. is a small, woman-owned business with 40 years of combined specialized experience in:

  • GIS
  • Remote sensing
  • Project management
  • Complex data and database management
  • Statistical analyses
  • Software tool development

We focus on serving public clients in:

  • Environmental resource management
  • Ecological studies
  • Water resources
  • Stormwater management
  • Utilities

AEI has the experience and skills to plan studies that cross multiple disciplines. Please see the key staff qualifications and project examples to see the level of expertise a small team

  • Data management
  • Custom programming
  • Database creation
  • High-level spatial and statistical analyses
  • Report writing

We take pride in being a highly responsive business that delivers quality products on-time!

Connected Nation -Welcome New Business Partner!

Connected Nation is a national leader in broadband expansion programs. Our mission is to improve lives by providing innovative solutions that expand the access, adoption, and use of high-speed internet and its related technologies to all people. Everyone belongs in a Connected Nation.

Since its start in 2001, Connected Nation has been offering programs and initiatives across the United States to help bridge the Digital Divide. From state-based technology planning and mapping programs to national educational technology initiatives, Connected Nation has partners in all sectors including libraries, schools, state and local governments, large technology companies, and small businesses.

Connected Nation offers the following core competencies:

  • Mapping & Analysis: We provide more accurate and granular mapping of broadband service areas to empower local, state, and federal leaders to make better analytics-driven decisions that positively impact people.
  • Community Solutions: We measure and evaluate the state of technology and broadband access, adoption, and use in towns, cities, counties, and regions to develop community-specific Technology Action Plans.
  • Digital Training & Jobs: We provide digital training and job placement assistance for veterans, single parents, senior citizens, and others in rural and urban areas. Our approach focuses on the demand for a nontraditional, remote workforce.
  • Transforming Education: We believe all children should have adequate access to the latest technology in schools. Our work includes school technology assessments, E-rate program assistance, and more.

For more information, see https://connectednation.org/

Contact: Ashley Hitt, GISP, Director, GIS Services 


Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy

We leverage technology developed by our autonomous vehicle mapping partner for rapid LiDAR processing and map production.

Infrastructure Mapping and Autonomy was created out of the Heavy Industry of Civil Maps an industry-leading artificial intelligence company, providing LiDAR processing and feature extraction services. Our technology was first developed to meet the high accuracy, 3D mapping needs of the autonomous vehicle industry. IMA is now bringing this technology to the engineering and infrastructure industries.

​Our technology allows us to scan, map and report on assets or asset areas at a rapid pace and affordable cost not possible before. ​Leveraging our proprietary artificial intelligence, patented cloud based processing technology, and global relationships for LiDAR collection and processing and quality control, we can generate data sets, models and change detection reports 10x faster than with traditional methods.

​By creating HD 3D maps in the earliest stages of projects, our clients are able to increase the NVP of projects by lowering the time to completion and reducing and deferring survey programs until the later stages of a project. Additionally, clients with existing assets to manage benefit from our centralized on-line business-to-business services to manage their rapid feature extraction and mapping programs. Eliminating the inefficient traditional person to person sales and manual data handling processes. Our al-a-carte on-line tools allow asset owners to individually direct and manage their mapping projects, resulting in quicker turn around times and lower costs overall.


MGP is an information systems services company that specializes in geospatial solutions. Our comprehensive range of geographic, data modeling, and business process solutions provide you new opportunities to find a better way. We believe that innovation creates opportunity and collaboration breeds success. MGP was formed as a shared business model in which clients are partners. This philosophy enables significant cost savings and makes it possible for any client, regardless of size, to get where they need to go. MGP is the managing partner of the GIS Consortium.



Planning Communities, LLC

Planning Communities, LLC provides a wide range of multi-disciplinary planning services for local, state and federal agencies, tribal nations and community organizations. Community, transportation, environmental and GIS services include local/regional planning, visioning/scenario planning, land use, socioeconomic, market and cost-benefit analysis, community asset mapping, tool/application support and development, process improvement/integration, consensus-building and facilitation.

Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Planning Communities has additional offices in Charlotte (NC) and Seattle (WA). Planning Communities is a North Carolina certified Small Professional Service Firm (SPSF) and is certified as a DBE in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida and Delaware.

 Welcome New Business Partner

Solv3D, Inc.

Solv3D creates tools that enable people to effectively use large 3D point clouds and immersive imagery within their existing workflows. Using the 3DPointLogic™ toolkit, individuals can easily turn massive point clouds into manageable data sets. With the SiteVisit360™ collaborative platform, companies can merge 3D point cloud data, panoramic imagery and other photography, resulting in a virtual project environment, allowing them to more effectively leverage the value of their datasets for estimation, planning, design, and decision-making.



Spatial Relationships, LLC

Spatial Relationships, LLC
800 Boylston St #990756
Boston MA 02199

(857) 400-8920

Contact: Kathryn Brewer or James Armstrong

Spatial Relationships, LLC is a consulting firm that provides on-demand teams of expert Geospatial Professionals to ensure organizations have the capability to deliver on existing and future goals, manage business risk, and increase profitability.

Think of us as your geospatial concierge. Our "concierge services" provide resources and solutions for planned or abrupt disruptions as well as future projects. These can include:

  • Being a key person down – planned leave or unexpected departure
  • Technical requirements – fill skills, knowledge and training gaps
  • Budget constraints – less than anticipated funds for the same scope of work
  • Capacity constraints – completing urgent priorities for overbooked staff

Spatial Relationships, LLC was born out of the necessity to create new flexible and affordable ways to work that support organizations to manage ever-increasing demands as well as the need to support the community of Geospatial Professionals.

 Welcome New Business Partner

XSoft, Inc.

XSoft, Inc. (XSoft®) is an innovative technology company focused on government financial software solutions and consulting services. The company was formed in January 2006 with one goal in mind; providing local governmental agencies with a dynamic alternative to the traditional assessment software solutions available.

Since its formation in 2006, XSoft® has focused 100% of its efforts on our CAMA and Tax client base. We see ourselves as partners with our clients, working together to generate fair and equitable assessments, on-time tax bills, and collections/distribution of funds in the most effective and efficient manner. We feel that the solution is simple; provide a superior product with superior service.

COMPANY MISSION: We partner with our clients to deliver government financial solutions, which generate fair and equitable assessments, on-time tax bills, and collections/distribution of funds through the effective and efficient use of CAMA and Tax software.

Education Partners



The Center for Geospatial Analytics at NC State University is the hub for interdisciplinary teaching and research in the Geospatial Sciences. We work alongside top researchers, policy experts and leaders in industry to apply geospatial analytics to a host of problems — from preparing for floods to controlling the spread of invasive species.

“Geospatial analytics” are the evolving tools and approaches that help to discover, interpret, and communicate meaningful patterns in location-based data. We develop them to observe the world around us; to model the processes that act upon it and test potential interventions; and to visualize data in new ways that spur collaborative decision-making.

All our work serves a common purpose: advancing innovative solutions to grand societal challenges. Many of our tools and applications are open-source, free and adaptable for others to use. Through innovations in teaching and research, we support a wide range of real-world stakeholders facing complex problems.

Learn more about all of the exciting work we are doing at the Center: https://cnr.ncsu.edu/geospatial/research/

Looking to further your education? Then look no further, we have a program to fit your needs:

Online Programs

Hear what our students have to say about learning online at NC State

On-campus Programs

Since its founding in 2010, the USC Spatial Sciences Institute has been using the power of spatial thinking and literacy – the ability to connect place and space – to help address global challenges, including those connected with population growth, urbanization, environmental sustainability, and human well-being. Through its innovative academic programs, the Spatial Sciences Institute educates and trains today’s leaders capable of deploying the “science of where” in every possible discipline and industry.  Members of our internationally-recognized faculty contribute to the rapidly-evolving body of geospatial knowledge.  From our home base in the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, we collaborate with faculty colleagues throughout the University of Southern California and with other prestigious institutions around the world on funded research that links SSI faculty and students with decision makers and citizens and knowledge with action. We promote the analysis, modeling, and visualization of location-based data through interdisciplinary use-inspired and integrated research and teaching.

Roster of Academic Programs:

Here are some examples of our work: http://dornsife.usc.edu/news/stories/2511/usc-spatial-sciences-students-harness-open-data-to-analyze-crime/

Award-winning video


Lakeland Community College —Kirtland, OH

 Welcome New Education Partner!




Brandman University is a private, non-profit regionally accredited institution that provides educational opportunities for working adults. There are over 25 campuses throughout California and Washington, and a virtual campus online.

Undergraduate Certificate, GIS Use in Non-Profit Organizations - An innovative, problem-solving approach to learning and using GIS.

Welcome New Education Partner!

The online Geographic Information Science (GISc) programs from Kent State University offer you the skills and knowledge to delve into exciting and evolving areas within GISc. With the increasing demand for GISc expertise, graduates of the GISc program can drive innovation and apply modern technologies to their careers in nonprofit, government or business sectors.1

GIS experts can make significant impacts in major global challenges such as health, water resources, or climate change. You can also influence people’s daily lives with cartography, transportation, and education.

Online Master of Geographic Information Science

Kent State’s online Master of Geographic Information Science (MGISc) will help prepare you with skills that extend beyond simply understanding software features or capabilities.

  • Learn from dedicated, full-time faculty genuinely invested in seeing their students succeed
  • Experience a flexible online program structure created to fit the lives of full-time working professionals
  • Specialize in one of three concentration areas: Cyber GISc, Environmental GISc or Health & GISc
  • Graduate in as few as two years
  • No GRE requirement

Online Geographic Information Science Certificate

For those who are interested in graduating sooner, Kent State also offers a postbaccalaureate certificate option. Students can choose between three certificate concentrations to prepare them for analytical and managerial roles utilizing geospatial technologies.

  • Graduate in less than a year
  • Choose from three concentrations: Cyber GISc, Environmental GISc, and General GISc
  • No GRE requirement
  • Twelve credits from the certificates can be transferred to the Master of Geographic Information Science 


1. Retrieved on May 30, 2017, from www.bls.gov/ooh/life-physical-and-social-science/geoscientists.htm 

Media Partners

Directions Magazine is the worldwide leader in delivering timely news and technology trends to professionals using geospatial technology and location intelligent software solutions. Through our daily publications, we bring awareness to the news that shapes the geospatially-enabled IT marketplace and the expansion of mobile location-based applications. Read Directionsmag.com, everyday for the most complete coverage of all things location.



From local to global: geotechnology news where and when you need it. GeoConnexion International and GeoConnexion UK bring you the latest news and stories plus reports from geotechnology industries in UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia. Coverage of topics such as 3D Visualisation, UAS, Remote Sensing, LiDAR, Cloud, Mobile Mapping, Navigation with emphases on healthcare, public safety, retail, the environment, utilities, surveying, LBS, transport/ logistics, telecommunications and more.

GISCafe  is a portal offering GIS and geospatial professionals complete GIS product catalog listings, technical papers, GIS news, CEO interviews, multimedia presentations, priority press releases, event postings, job placement and more. Each GISWeekly Review delivers to its readers news concerning the latest developments in the GIS industry, in a readable newsletter format with feature stories and news bytes. GISCafe receives more than 100,000 unique visitors and its daily newsletter has more than 40,000 subscribers. Subscribe to the daily newsletter at GISCafe.Com.

GISUser is devoted to reporting, informing, and sharing the latest GIS, Geo, and location technology news, resources, and tips with the professional community. The portal is updated daily, throughout the day with news, original feature articles, career opportunities, social media tips and tricks, data tips, and community announcements. The site is supported by a 2X a week industry E newsletter and a vibrant Social Media presence (Twitter, facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, YouTube, Flickr, blog). GISuser invites your news tips and article/feature submissions and will gladly connect and engage with you via social media. Find us on Twitter @GISuser and at facebook.com/GISusers


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