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Professional Education, Events and Resources

URISA is committed to supporting GIS professionals at all stages of their careers with essential training and resources. 

To advance in your career, it is critical that you keep updating your skills, be open to new ideas and ways of doing things, and take advantage of every opportunity to learn that comes your way.  Some may prefer self-directed learning via online courses or webinars while others learn best through formal lecture or in-person seminars and conferences.  URISA has you covered, no matter your experience level, preferred learning method or professional development need!

In-Person Conferences and Training

It takes more effort to gain necessary approvals and arrange to be away from your family and work in order to attend an in-person conference or training event. But that effort typically pays off with insights to improve not only your own performance but also that of your organization. Between educational sessions, exhibitor solutions and hallway discussions, you are certain to identify better, faster and cheaper ways to get the work done.  When you work for years in a 'bubble', you can lose sight of the fact that there is a whole world out there. Getting a variety of viewpoints can help you see where we can change or improve our own ideas and processes. Still the best way to expand your professional network, at conferences you can meet others who have solved the very same problem that has been troubling you. You may even find a mentor to call on for career advice, contacts, and solutions. “Speaking the language” with like-minded individuals can re-energize your passion for your work! You likely know a number of people as a result of e-mail contact or social media interactions. But attending conferences allows you to meet a wide range of people face-to-face and forge more permanent bonds with them.

“The people I rely on the most in my career are those I've personally met and spent quality time with at conferences. They are the ones I count on when I get stuck trying to find information or when I have a problem I’m trying to solve at work.” – Hilary Perkins, GISP, AICP, City of Maryland Heights, Missouri

URISA Conferences

URISA's conferences are led by volunteers who have a demonstrated expertise  for a particular subject area and a passion for sharing knowledge with their peers. The foundation of each conference is the Call for Presentation Proposals. Committees spend time reviewing abstract submissions, discussing topics, and developing an educational program that is important, timely, and robust.

  • GIS-Pro Annual Conference - URISA's primary conference, presented annually since 1963. The conference is often presented in partnership with URISA chapter(s) or allied organizations and moves to different easily-accessible cities across North America. The conference features keynote speakers, workshops, plentiful breakout sessions, and an exhibition. 
  • GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference - URISA and the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) have jointly presented this annual conference since 1997. This conference explores the important role that integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) systems plays in providing access to data and analysis of information for better decision making within a jurisdiction. A unique and informed audience attends this conference which features keynote speakers, workshops, breakout sessions, and a busy exhibition. 
  • GIS and Health Symposium - The biennial conference, guided and organized by an esteemed group of professionals,  first took place in 2007. The vision for this event is to provide an open and participatory forum for advancing the effective use of spatial information and geographic information systems technologies across the domains of public health, healthcare and community health preparedness. 
  • GIS in Transit - This biennial conference, presented in partnership with the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) and Transportation Research Board (TRB) since 2009, focuses on the effective management of GIS data to improve transit planning and service.  Transit planners, managers, researchers and GIS professionals attend to share ways to use geographic and spatial analysis in transit planning, operations, and marketing to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  
  • URISA's Caribbean GIS Conference -  Since its first conference in 2001, URISA has hosted several successful conferences focused on the effective application of GIS and other information technologies within the Caribbean. The conference has been effective in informing a broad cross-section of Caribbean users about GIS technology and applications; has fostered a network of Caribbean GIS leaders, and facilitated development of national and regional Spatial Data Infrastructures. 

Check out our Industry Calendar to keep up with all of the chapter and partner conferences!

URISA Training

URISA GIS Leadership Academy - Learn from the best minds in the profession and take your skills to the next level by attending the URISA GIS Leadership Academy.  The entire five day program, the only leadership training program of its type, is tailored to industry leaders and practitioners faced with unique challenges of GIS leadership and management and who want to make an impact leveraging the power of GIS.

URISA Certified Workshops  - URISA Workshops have long-been recognized as exceptional educational offerings. Workshops are taught by qualified instructors and the content is vendor-neutral, peer-reviewed and updated annually.  Presented in conjunction with URISA or chapter conferences, or presented as stand-alone events, URISA workshops are either half or full-day training sessions.

URISA Publications & Resources

Spanning decades of research and education, URISA and its members have developed thousands of papers and publications.

URISA members receive The GIS Professional and URISA Digest and access to the archives of the peer-reviewed URISA Journal, published from 1989 to 2017. 

Books and Publications: Publications and Quick Study Guides are freely available for download to URISA Members within the organization's members-only online portal.

URISA Online Library  - collection of URISA proceedings, publications and periodicals, curated by Esri.

URISA Online

URISA Virtual Education - watch for much more activity in this area with a re-energized Committee on the task!






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