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Standards & Professional Practices


URISA is well-known for its active involvement over the years in providing input, and sometimes leading, standards development. 

In particular, URISA is recognized as a leader for addressing-related topics.

  • Addressing ResourcesFrom development of the United States Thoroughfare, Landmark, and Postal Address Data Standard, to hosting a focused conference on addressing for several years, URISA leaders also participate in national conversations and present a URISA workshop regularly to meet professional education needs of the community.

Professional Practices

URISA  strives to define and develop the GIS profession. It creates professional practice guides and FAQs, proposes and possibly issues professional practice standards, crafts recommended practice guidelines, and creates new URISA workshops.

A number of initiatives are underway within these workgroups.

Exploring the Profession Workgroup

Members of this workgroup have collaborated with the GMI leadership group to develop a glossary of nearly 200 terms that are related to GMI topics.

  • A document titled ‘GIS Best Practices: Identification Development and Guidelines’ has been finalized that outlines a strategy for collecting, categorizing, developing and maintaining practices related to the geospatial profession.  
  • A ‘Practice Matrix’ of skills and concepts related to the GIS profession has been completed.  This document is based on elements of existing models (GMCM, GTCM, BOK, GISCMM) as well as the input of workgroup members.   The Matrix breaks this information down into 14 knowledge areas within which there are 94 units and 410 topics.
  • Two solicitations for support have been distributed by this workgroup to ask for assistance in identifying existing practices related to the skills and concepts identified in the Practice Matrix.   The working group will then reach out to the identified SMEs to request their support.
  • This workgroup is currently formulating a strategy for developing a publicly accessible clearinghouse of practices.  A plan for the content and design of this product is anticipated to be completed in the near future.  The Clearinghouse will be a ‘living’ product that will reflect existing and future practices as they are identified and/or developed by URISA or other stakeholders.

GIS and the Cloud Workgroup - This workgroup has developed a document that outlines the concept of Cloud Computing and how it might relate to the Geospatial Technology Industry. The document provides a baseline definition of Cloud Computing models and the strengths and weaknesses of the technology. 

Elected Officials Guide Workgroup - This workgroup is developing a concise document to explain the benefits of GIS to elected officials and other decision-makers. 

Duty of Care Survey Workgroup

Get in touch with the GIS Management Institute Committee (Rebecca Somers is the Chair) or the Professional Education Committee (Kevin Mickey is the Chair) for more information or to get involved. 

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